2020 CVE Distance Education Program: Totally worth it!

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2020 CVE Distance Education Program: Totally worth it!

I chose to enrol in the Behavioural Medicine Distance Education (DE) course as I felt I needed to increase my knowledge in the behavioural medicine field. I just wasn’t getting what I needed from conferences, and wasn’t understanding enough, or putting it all together to my satisfaction reading through things on my own. I felt the DE course covered a lot of material from the basics through to pharmacology to help me become a better practitioner in the field.

The benefits

My knowledge of behavioural medicine increased immensely.

  • By starting with the basics on ethology and working through to more complex behavioural issues and pharmacological options, as well as polypharmacy, I now feel much more confident consulting behavioural cases. 
  • As the course is largely self-directed learning, it has also re-engaged my brain towards learning and seeking information; something which I had become probably a little lax in during the previous years.
  • It also set me up really well to further my self-directed study to complete ANZCVS memwberships the following year, providing a solid base for the guidelines from the college.
  • I also met and have remained in contact with many people of like mind with whom I still network and this is invaluable.  

I would recommend the CVE’s DE courses for anyone who seeks to intensively increase knowledge in a particular field.

Actually, participating in the DE course really increased my drive to keep learning, not just about behavioural medicine but other facets of veterinary medicine as well as I am a regional GP vet. 

They are a significant financial and time investment, but I doubt I would have gained the knowledge I have either studying on my own or attending ad hoc courses and seminars. The modules and support and feedback, as well as the discussion forums, webinars, workshops and networking all set you up to gain as much from the course as you are willing to put in.  

Plus they build a solid foundation for further accreditations.

Totally worth it.

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Note: The CVE invited Dr Emma Billing, co-owner of New England Veterinary Services in Armidale, to write about her experience as a 2017 CVE Distance Education Behavioural Medicine Participant. Dr Billing received no financial incentives or otherwise to write this testimonial. (Image courtesy of DE Tutor Zoe Lenard)


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