10 WordPress plugins we can’t live without


Plug-in-feature-800x562Three things you’ll get from this article:

1. The best plugin for stopping spam on your WordPress site

2. A couple of handy plugins for saving you time in updating your site

3. A general overview of the extra functionality your WordPress site will need.

If you’re new to the world of WordPress, or have just been ignoring your site (or if you’re still secretly flattered by all the praise your blog gets from Cheap Nikes and his friends), plugins are apps which you can either buy or download for free via WordPress, which will extend and expand the functionality of your site (WordPress’s description, not mine). Last time I looked there was nearly 40,000 of them available, some of which have become a vital part of our toolbox. Now we have nine different WordPress sites, and our favourite plugins are the ones that we quite literally could not live without. Find out more on YourBlogPosts.com


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