• Alternative careers for vets

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    When a vet decides they don’t want to be a vet anymore, there is a wide variety of fulfilling career options available. Kerryn Ramsey reports Working as a veterinarian is a very satisfying but stressful job. During their career, it […]

  • The business of animal shelters

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    Community animal welfare is usually the responsibility of local councils, but should local vets have more input into the process? By Frank Leggett Community animal management is a broad and challenging welfare area. It can include the capture and holding […]

  • Good client relationships

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    Good client relationships are essential for any veterinary practice, but what do you do when a client really tests your patience?  By John Burfitt  Anyone working in a veterinary clinic knows of at least one difficult client who transforms even […]

  • Email without spam

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    Do you avoid sending out an emailed practice newsletter because you don’t want to spam your clients? There’s a simple trick to making it more readable. And you can do it with data you already have. By Steven Coby No-one […]

  • Community vet clinics

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    For the many pet owners existing on the margins of society, there are community vet clinics working hard to ensure they don’t fall through the gaps, writes Rachel Smith. When Lobby the dog jumped up to investigate a noise at […]

Latest in Veterinary News

pet insurance dog breeds

Certain dog breeds listed as most expensive pets to insure

Analysis by financial comparison site mozo.com.au has found when it comes to pet insurance, selecting a Saint Bernard over a Jack Russell could cost more than double in annual premiums.  Mozo’s analysis found Saint Bernard was the most expensive breed in […]

animal rescue award winners

Animal rescue award winners announced

The Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards— a national program that celebrates and recognises achievements in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of companion animals Australia-wide—has announced the winners for 2019.  “In our second year, it was very competitive with more than 1000 […]

companion animal welfare

A winning idea—protecting pets by changing people

First year Animal Welfare Science Centre graduate researcher Carmen Glanville was recently named the winner of the University of Melbourne’s Visualise your Thesis competition for her presentation, ‘Protecting Pets by Changing People’. Visualise your Thesis competition challenges graduate researchers to […]

Latest in Your Business

blogging vs video for vet websites

Blogging vs video for vet websites

You know you should be marketing your practice with content, but should you be posting videos to YouTube or blogging or both? Steven Coby seeks out the answer You’ve decided that you want to use some type of content to […]

client retention

Client retention: how to hang on to existing clients

The quest to attract new clients can sometimes overshadow the importance of client retention, but not paying attention to retention can come at a significant cost. By John Burfitt One of the wisest adages of business is that it costs […]

emergency care vets

Mission critical

A new service is providing emergency care vets around Australia with a free information hub. By Clea Sherman Driving home from his first ever shift at an overnight vet service in 2001, Dr Rob Webster had to quickly pull his […]

business plan

Your business plan: how to write one

A business plan is essential so you can set goals and achieve more for your practice. By Clea Sherman In your everyday dealings of meeting new pets and their owners, administering vaccines and treating sick animals, you have a business […]

Latest in Your World

Collaroy Plateau Veterinary Hospital

The duo behind Collaroy Plateau Veterinary Hospital

Two young vets became business partners after knowing each other for less than a year—and their practice, Collaroy Plateau Veterinary Hospital, has gone from strength to strength. By Kerryn Ramsey When Sydney veterinarians, Drs Lewis Hunt and Caroline Wood, decided […]

caring for exotic pets

Caring for exotic pets

The boom in so-called ‘exotic’ pets means more vets are treating animals other than dogs and cats and—equally important—educating owners about how best to look after them. By Kathy Graham Fifty years ago, patients at veterinary clinics were mainly cats […]

Dr Bob Doneley

Dr Bob Doneley: why he’s the bird man

A presentation to the Budgerigar Society of Bundaberg in 1982 had a far-reaching impact on the career of new veterinary graduate, Dr Bob Doneley. By Frank Leggett Dr Bob Doneley is fascinated with birds. He has built a long and successful veterinary career with avian medicine […]

trends in the veterinary field

Top 10 trends in the veterinary field

Mind-blowing technology, increasing specialisation, and the effect of feminisation—here’s a guide to the most significant trends shaping the field of veterinary science. By Kerryn Ramsey 1. Technological advances From practice management upgrades to equipment advances, from artificial intelligence to machine-learning, […]

Latest in Passions

BMX bike

On your bike

Most weekends you’ll find Lucie Kantor VN, of Avondale Heights Veterinary Hospital in Victoria, at her local BMX track.  “I started riding BMX as a way to share a sport with my partner. He gave me one of his old […]

disc golf

Let fly

Disc golf is a lot of fun but Dr Kristian Danorwayan of Highton Veterinary Clinic in Victoria also likes to play competitively. “Disc golf is played like regular golf but instead of using clubs and balls, you use frisbees. The […]


In tune

Can singing have an impact on the wider community? Dr Hootan Shah, who works at Doncaster Veterinary Hospital in Victoria and as a Pawssum mobile vet, intends to find out. “My singing teacher, Julie Edwardson, runs Emotionworks Cut Opera, a […]

Tuscan monastery

Under the Tuscan sun

There’s no better way to relax, according to Dr Gordon Heslop of Glenhaven and Winston Hills Veterinary Hospitals in NSW, than restoring a 12th-century Tuscan monastery. “When restoring a Tuscan monastery that’s in excess of 900 years old, it’s important […]

Latest in Gear

otitis externa

Cleaning and treating for otitis externa

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Virbac. Effective treatment of otitis externa requires the persistence of antimicrobial actives in the ear for a period of time. Sometimes vets are reluctant to cleanse ears whilst treating for otitis […]

TPLO saw

Tools of the trade: Vi TPLO Saw

by Dr Justin Ward, Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery, Varsity Lakes, QLD This saw is specifically designed for use when performing a Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO). While a lot of vets are moving towards battery-operated equipment, I prefer this pneumatic […]

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