• Dr Jayne Weller’s wild things

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    Hers must be one of the most coveted jobs in the country. Meet Dr Jayne Weller, who counts among her patients cheetahs, deer, lemurs and giraffes, to name but a few. Sarah Thomas reports. It’s a brilliantly sunny autumn day at […]

  • Insurance for veterinary practices

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    Public liability insurance is critical for vets who run their own practice but what are the other business insurance options that will keep your business fully covered? James Gallaway investigates Veterinarian Kay Weller was alone in the Bowral Veterinary Hospital […]

  • Tax time tips

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    Putting in place simple but smart tax strategies as the end of the financial year looms can make a big difference to the bottom line for veterinarians. By Clea Sherman With so many things to manage when running a business, […]

  • Dr Diederik: the secret of my success

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    Veterinary business coach and author, Dr Diederik Gelderman, has interviewed highly successful practitioners about success and a positive work-life balance. Turns out it’s possible. By Kerryn Ramsey Dr Diederik Gelderman’s new book, Veterinary Success: Secrets Revealed, explores the path successful practitioners […]

  • Dog attacks

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    There’s a lot of misinformation about dog attacks, not helped by sensational media reporting that often follows an incident. So, what are the facts and how can vets educate owners and keep themselves safe? Chloe Warren reports One of the […]

Latest in Veterinary News


Kangaroos killed by toxic weeds

Research earlier this year by scientists at Charles Sturt University (CSU) has shown the harmful effects of a toxic weed on kangaroos, prompting calls for strategic investment to control invasive plants in grasslands. The research—which is published in the Journal of […]

assistance dogs

Assistance dogs partnership announced

Assistance Dogs Australia (ADA) recently announced Bravecto—Australia’s leading long-lasting paralysis tick and flea treatment for dogs—as their valued ‘Protector Partner’. Confident their dogs will now be protected against potentially life-threatening paralysis ticks and irritating fleas, ADA will be able to focus […]


Funding boost for biosecurity welcomed by vets

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) has welcomed the government’s recent announcement of increased funding for disease surveillance as part of a $137.8 million investment in biosecurity. President of the AVA, Dr Paula Parker, said that general disease surveillance is important […]

zoonotic diseases

This week is Zoonosis Awareness Week

Throughout this week (2-6 July), Animal Health Australia (AHA) is running Zoonosis Awareness Week, promoting awareness of diseases that pose a risk to people working in rural areas or in close proximity to livestock and other animals. “Zoonotic diseases are […]

Latest in Your Business

marketing a veterinary practice

Marketing a veterinary clinic

Marketing a veterinary clinic with no time and (virtually) no money is possible. Follow these five easy steps. By Rob Johnson If you’re like many vets, marketing is something you do between 9pm and 10pm on a Sunday night. You […]

great vet nurse

What makes a great vet nurse?

Every vet practice owner knows—or should know—that great vet nurses are worth their weight in gold. So, what makes them really shine and how do you get them to that point? Heather Vaile reports At a swanky conference dinner in […]

couples who work together

Couples who work together

Relationships can be difficult at the best of times so are couples who work together in the same practice a good idea? By Frank Leggett Marriage is a commitment to each other that sees you living together, holidaying together, building […]

discounting for veterinary services

Discounting for veterinary services

While compassion and good intentions may result in happy clients, discounting for veterinary services can take a toll on your clinic’s finances. So, how do you manage this balance? Louise Baxter reports Australian veterinary practices only average between seven per cent […]

Latest in Your World

euthanasia at home

Pet euthanasia at home

An increasing number of practitioners are making it their business to ensure pets can enjoy more dignified deaths outside of traditional treatment rooms, as Tracey Porter discovers. The veteran veterinarian remembers each one as if they were her own—Fluffy, Simba, Maggie, Bugsy […]

Cancer treatment for pets

With pets now viewed as part of the family, owners are more inclined to expect oncological treatment in the event of a cancer diagnosis. By Meg Crawford These days, according to the Australian Veterinary Association, pet owners tend to view […]

niche practice

The benefits of running a niche practice

With vets facing increasing competition from new practices, more are finding a competitive advantage in niche practice. But is specialising in just one species right for you? By Shane Conroy  We don’t need to tell you that running a veterinary […]

Paula Parker

Dr Paula Parker, AVA president, is calm under pressure

Whether she’s saving an emergency patient on the Gold Coast, speaking at a conference in Melbourne, or lobbying government officials in Canberra, AVA president Paula Parker is across the small details and the big-picture implications of what’s going on. By […]

Latest in Passions

Judo: the gentle way

Despite a serious arm injury, Dr Andrew Dallimore of Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre in Olinda, VIC, is helping to change kids’ lives by teaching judo. When I was 14, I took up judo because I was short, tubby and getting bullied at school. […]



When the Bega District Brass Band needs a mellow, smoky solo, they turn to Dr Jane Woolacott of Bega Veterinary Hospital in NSW, and her flugelhorn “A flugelhorn is basically just an over-sized trumpet. It has the same valves that […]

wine making

Wine making

Dr Kate Woods of Manjimup Veterinary Clinic in WA is robust, independent and of strong character—just like the wine she makes. “My husband and I were keen to get away from Perth and raise our kids in the country. We […]



Whether it’s console, online, board or card, Dr Sarah Abramowski of Belconnen Animal Hospital in Weetangera, ACT, can’t get enough of gaming. “I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t gaming. When I was a kid, my dad used to play […]

Latest in Gear

dental X-ray

Tools of the trade: Genoray Port X2

by Kasey Coeland VN, Lower Plenty Veterinary Clinic, VIC The Genoray Port X2 is our first dental X-ray machine and we’ve only been using it for a few months. It’s very helpful in deciding whether a tooth needs to be […]

Endogard treats and controls intestinal worms

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Virbac. While many cats and dogs are treated with anthelmintics, a significant proportion of owners are not correctly following treatment guidelines. Of those treated with an allwormer, research shows only 11.8% […]

urinary pet foods

S+OX SHIELD™ seal provides you with additional confidence

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Hill’s. Managing patients with multiple disease conditions can be challenging. In order to help you choose the most appropriate food for your patients, Hill’s has developed the S+OX Shield icon. This icon […]

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