• Dr Gary Turnbull on the veterinarian shortage

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    There are claims the veterinary profession is on the brink of a crisis, but the Steering Committee from the recent Vet Shortage Think Tank believes they may have the solutions. By John Burfitt There’s something about the present numbers within […]

  • Freeloaders: clients who refuse to pay

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    The frustration and financial woes caused by clients who refuse to pay can take a significant toll on practitioners. So here’s how to solve this issue of freeloaders. By Kerryn Ramsey There’s nothing more satisfying than successfully completing a medical […]

  • Barking mad: pet mental health

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    Even though one in five animals suffers from some form of mental illness, there’s still a bit of catching up to do within the veterinary profession when it comes to recognising and treating these pet mental health conditions. Kathy Graham […]

  • The benefits of subscription services

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    The subscription model offers vets the opportunity to stabilise cashflow and tap into new revenue streams without increasing your administration workload. Shane Conroy reports From Netflix and Spotify to Threadbox and Hello Fresh, consumers have wholeheartedly embraced the subscription model. Whether […]

  • Under the Tuscan sun

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    There’s no better way to relax, according to Dr Gordon Heslop of Glenhaven and Winston Hills Veterinary Hospitals in NSW, than restoring a 12th-century Tuscan monastery. “When restoring a Tuscan monastery that’s in excess of 900 years old, it’s important […]

Latest in Veterinary News

pet parent

The search is on for Australia’s busiest pet parent

In the lead up to the RSPCA’s annual Gold Coast Pet & Animal Expo later this month, pet sitting platform PetCloud is on the prowl for the nation’s busiest pet parent. “Our nation has one of the highest rates of pet ownership […]

pet greens

Healthy, farm-fresh greens for pets direct to your door

Farm fresh pet supplements of potted pet grass and potted catnip from Pet Greens are now available via online subscription delivered from the farm direct to customers. Pet Greens— supported by celebrity vet Dr Katrina Warren and her Maine Coon cat […]

nearly a vet

Calling all aspiring vets

For the second year running, a veterinary hospital in Brisbane is taking a novel approach in educating school children on what the job of a veterinarian entails. On Saturday 29 June, 12-2pm, wanna-be vets are invited to Manly Road 24hr […]

zoonotic diseases

Changing climate may affect animal-to-human disease transfer

Climate change could affect occurrences of diseases like bird-flu and Ebola, with environmental factors playing a larger role than previously understood in animal-to-human disease transfer, Australian researchers have found. The team, a collaboration between The University of Queensland and Swansea […]

Latest in Your Business

digital marketing tactics

Digital marketing tactics

Two of the most common and powerful tactics you can use with your digital marketing are remarketing and retargeting. Get them right and you can supercharge your online marketing. By Rob Johnson Even though it has simple goals, digital marketing […]

Dr Braden Collins

Helpful marketing

WA vet Braden Collins had a new clinic that was losing thousands of dollars a month. Then he came up with a way to market his business that has proven very successful. Steven Coby reports Sometimes creative ideas are as much […]

how to successfully sell your veterinary practice

How to successfully sell your veterinary practice

Preparation in advance is just one of the many issues to consider when planning to sell your veterinary practice. By Kerryn Ramsey When an owner-vet decides it’s time to sell, it’s important to be patient. For many practitioners, the process […]

owning your own veterinary practice

Owning your own veterinary practice

Finally owning your own veterinary practice is a special moment in your career. But what makes more sense—to start a new practice from scratch or buy an existing one? Shane Conroy reports So you’ve come to that point in your […]

Latest in Your World

Dr Alex Hynes

Dr Alex Hynes: almost famous

When an emergency vet was referred to as a “force of nature”—by her own CEO—it was no wonder she was snapped up as one of the new Bondi Vet presenters. By Kerryn Ramsey As emergency services continue to expand in […]

working overseas

Is working overseas good for your career?

Living and working overseas is a rite of passage for young vets but does it help or hinder your job prospects when you return home? Angela Tufvesson reports After finishing her degree and working for almost two years in a […]

Dr Gerry Skinner

What’s up doc?

Despite the bad PR rabbits receive in Australia, they remain a very popular pet—and Dr Gerry Skinner is their champion. By Frank Leggett Dr Gerry Skinner may be the only vet in the world who only sees rabbits—a lot of […]

paralysis tick

Tick paralysis in humans

Tick paralysis in humans is rare so even when veterinarian Dr Olivia Pozzan developed all the telltale signs, getting a diagnosis took some time. Deepa Gopinath reports When Dr Olivia Pozzan woke up with an agonisingly painful right ear, she […]

Latest in Passions


Paragliding is flying high

The ultimate freedom for Dr Georgina Johnston of UQ VETS Equine Specialist Hospital is to soar in her paraglider. “I had always been attracted to the idea of paragliding so, about three years ago, I decided to learn. I took […]


Long run

Dr Caroline Thursfield of North Road Veterinary Centre in Gardenvale, VIC, is the recipient of the Worldwide Veterinary Service charity ballot place in the 2019 London Marathon. “I took up running about five years ago to improve my fitness. My […]

Life cycle

A 100-kilometre bike ride is just a warm-up for long-distance cyclist Dr Warren Foreman of Adelaide Vet in SA. “I rode bikes everywhere from the time I was a school kid until I finished university. I stopped cycling when I […]

ultimate frisbee

Ultimate frisbee: a game of throws

They play at different levels but Dr Vickie Saye of Hall Vet Surgery and Dr Shannon West of the Belconnen Animal Hospital, both in the ACT, love a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Dr Vickie Saye “A friend invited me along […]

Latest in Gear

CUBEX system

Harnessing Technology to Gain Control of a Practice

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Therian. We are at a turning point in the history of Veterinary Medicine regarding technology; everywhere you turn its impact can be seen and felt.  Pet owners are able to monitor […]


Better Pet Vets discuss their journey with VetPartners

This article is sponsored content brought to you by VetPartners. Drs Ashley Young and Holly Goldring tell us more about their transition to VetPartners. How has selling to VetPartners improved your life and what are you now doing differently? “We […]

setting up in private practice

10 things to consider when setting up in private practice

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Credabl. If you dream of having your own practice and are looking to take that next step, we’ve identified ten key considerations that aim to limit the challenges, and enhance your […]

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