• Dr Stephanie Wright gets to the heart of the matter

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    After suffering through an immense tragedy and ill health, Dr Stephanie Wright reveals the various ways she found to navigate them. Her experience may inspire veterinarians who may be going through difficult times. By Kerryn Ramsey When Murwillumbah Vet Clinic won […]

  • Alternative veterinary careers

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    Think your vet degree has to end in general practice? Think again, there are alternative veterinary careers writes Anna Christensen. Dr Melinda Bell has watched it happen so many times, it’s become a cliché. Idealistic vet student graduates with a […]

  • Brachycephalic dogs: why vets are worried

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    As the popularity of flat-faced (brachycephalic) dogs increases, vets warn of  the particular problems these breeds face. By Ruth Starke What do Hugh Jackman, Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio have in common? Besides international celebrity, they are all owners of […]

  • Using social media to market your business

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    How well are you using social media to market your business? By Andy Kollmorgen One thing has become dead certain in this otherwise confusing age of all-powerful social media: you want to make these digital platforms your friends. Topping the […]

  • How to motivate employees

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    A motivated workforce can be the difference between a practice that thrives and one that barely survives. Here’s how to motivate employees. By John Burfitt Anyone who has ever walked out of a session with motivational guru Tony Robbins knows […]

Latest in Veterinary News

pet door

Introducing the world’s first app-controlled pet door

The world’s first-ever app-controlled pet door developed by pet products specialist Sure Petcare is now available in Australia—the Microchip Pet Door Connect. Used with the ‘Sure Petcare’ app, the Microchip Pet Door Connect allows pet owners to control the pet […]

A raw meat diet for pets could actually be dangerous

Experts from The Netherlands are warning dog and cat owners to be aware of the risks associated with feeding their pets raw meat-based diets (RMBDs), instead of the more conventional dry or canned pet foods. According to research published this […]

dogs in vehicles

Pets in vehicles at risk in heat, warns AVA

With still over one month of summer remaining, the Australian Veterinary Association is warning animal owners about the dangers of leaving their pets in vehicles. AVA president Dr Paula Parker said that every year, numerous pets are found confined to […]

Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital

Melb uni buys Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital

The Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital has been purchased by the University of Melbourne to enhance the clinical experience in equine medicine, surgery and reproduction for students completing the internationally recognised Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. The hospital will continue to […]

Latest in Your Business

vet shortage

Vet shortage?

If there are so many vet graduates in Australia, why the vet shortage? Merran White investigates According to the federal government Department of Employment’s most recent veterinary labour market survey (March 2017), the new supply of veterinarians “has increased substantially […]

practice protocols

Practice protocols

Practice protocols aren’t always clear or necessarily followed. They’re also often set without input from all staff members. But does it have to be this way? John Burfitt investigates Try this as a quick exercise: go onto the Australian Veterinary […]

snake avoidance training

Snake avoidance training

Advocates say snake avoidance training saves dogs’ lives. By Kerry Faulkner Western Australian vet Felicity Harradine says she understands owners having reservations about snake avoidance training for their dogs but when it comes down to potentially saving the life of […]

The golden age: mature workers in the veterinary profession

Just as we’re being told we have to keep working for longer, the skills and experience offered by mature workers in the veterinary profession are finally being recognised. By John Burfitt It was former Treasurer Joe Hockey who a few […]

Latest in Your World

Dr Rick Fenny

Meet Dr Rick Fenny, star of Desert Vet

Red Dog’s vet Rick Fenny hits the dusty road to film a new TV show called Desert Vet—and reflects on the legacy he wants to leave behind. By Anna Christensen At age 70, most people are laying down their tools. […]

sexism in the veterinary profession

Sexism in the veterinary profession

Despite there being more women who are vets, sexism in the veterinary profession is yet to be eradicated, writes Jessica Mudditt. In decades past, Australia’s veterinary profession comprised a largely homogenous group of people:  white males. “At that time, women […]

Tania Duratovic

Branching out with Tania Duratovic

Tania Duratovic was helping animals long before she became a vet nurse. But she decided to get formal qualifications so she could do even more—particularly through her charity Tree of Compassion—to assist animals in need. By Kathy Graham Tania has […]

anaesthesia-free dentistry for pets

Ending anaesthesia-free dentistry for pets

An increasing number of lay practitioners are offering anaesthesia-free dentistry services across Australia. Now the AVA is taking a stand against it, reports Katie McCaffery After having highlighted this topic on World Veterinary Congress Day, Dr Tara Cashman, president of the […]

Latest in Passions


From A to Zumba

The Latin rhythms and exotic dance moves of zumba are the perfect way for Dr Gladys Tam of Mt Druitt Veterinary Clinic in NSW to stay in shape. “I’ve always liked dancing and learned how to belly dance when I was […]


Archery: my aim is true

A cool head and steady hand has seen vet nurse Aimee Deaves of the Animal Referral Hospital in Brisbane, QLD, compete worldwide in archery competitions. “There are moments in archery when you feel like you’re on cloud nine and can’t […]

clay target shooting

Straight shooter

The clay targets don’t stand a chance when Dr Andrew Hoare of South East Vets in Mount Gambier, SA, is on his game. “The first time I tried clay target shooting was when I was a teenager in Kingaroy, Queensland. […]

Say cheese

When you love cheese as much as Dr Leisa Denaro of Lamington Terrace Vet Surgery in Nambour, QLD, your only choice is to make it yourself. “I’ve just been a mad, crazy cheese person for as long as I can […]

Latest in Gear

therapeutic laser

Tools of the trade: K-Laser

by Dr Rob Hill, Treendale Pet Medical, WA. I had read about K-Laser and its popularity in the United States and so decided to purchase one for our practice. We’ve been getting amazing results with it and the wonderful thing […]


Tools of the trade: Tonovet

by Dr Andrew Hemming, Flinders View Veterinary Surgery, QLD The Tonovet accurately measures eye pressure in dogs, cats and other animals. We achieve better results and outcomes because we’re diagnosing the underlying condition of the eye problem, not guessing what’s […]


Tools of the trade: Keeler Surgical 3X Optical loupes + LED light

by Dr Brian Golden, Brighton Veterinary Hospital, SA I purchased these loupes after receiving a glowing recommendation from a mate. The magnification and attached light are extremely helpful when undertaking precise surgery. They look like a pair of safety glasses […]

Tools of the trade: IDEXX SediVue

by Dr Christine Baker, Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre, Olinda, VIC The SediVue analyses urine sediments to look for things like red and white blood cells, crystals, signs of infection and bacteria. What’s good about it Prior to owning this piece […]

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