• What’s up doc?

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    Despite the bad PR rabbits receive in Australia, they remain a very popular pet—and Dr Gerry Skinner is their champion. By Frank Leggett Dr Gerry Skinner may be the only vet in the world who only sees rabbits—a lot of […]

  • How to successfully sell your veterinary practice

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    Preparation in advance is just one of the many issues to consider when planning to sell your veterinary practice. By Kerryn Ramsey When an owner-vet decides it’s time to sell, it’s important to be patient. For many practitioners, the process […]

  • Owning your own veterinary practice

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    Finally owning your own veterinary practice is a special moment in your career. But what makes more sense—to start a new practice from scratch or buy an existing one? Shane Conroy reports So you’ve come to that point in your […]

  • Tick paralysis in humans

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    Tick paralysis in humans is rare so even when veterinarian Dr Olivia Pozzan developed all the telltale signs, getting a diagnosis took some time. Deepa Gopinath reports When Dr Olivia Pozzan woke up with an agonisingly painful right ear, she […]

  • The emotional toll of euthanasia on vets

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    Some vets reveal euthanasing pets can be one of the most upsetting aspects of the job. Fortunately, there’s an AVA program to help manage the emotional toll of euthanasia on vets. By John Burfitt As the owner of his own […]

Latest in Veterinary News

stress-free vet visits

Confirmed: methods for stress-free vet visits

Playing music and providing separate waiting rooms could reduce stress in millions of dogs and cats undergoing visits to vets, according to new study from the UK.  Animal Science experts from Hartpury University, Gloucester, examined the methods used by 45 veterinary practices […]


Spectacular rare gecko discovered on Townsville’s doorstep

A rare and beautiful new species of gecko has been discovered in North Queensland. Dr Conrad Hoskin, a tropical biologist at James Cook University, said the gecko was discovered in the hills behind Townsville. It was found at The Pinnacles, […]

blue-green algae pets

Blue-green algae: a killer for pets

Lort Smith vets are warning Victorians taking their pets on holiday to watch for fatally poisonous blue-green algae.  Buddy, a kelpie cross blue heeler, and Logan an Australian cattle dog cross fawn Dalmatian, arrived at Lort Smith Animal Hospital’s accident […]

live export

RSPCA welcomes ALP policy announcement on live export

The RSPCA has welcomed the Australian Labor Party’s commitment to closing a loophole in Australia’s live export regulations that denies protection to thousands of Australian animals exported for purposes other than slaughter. “The RSPCA has long called for breeding and […]

Latest in Your Business

How do you measure marketing success?

How do you measure marketing success?

Creating a marketing campaign for your practice is just part of doing business. But exactly how do you measure marketing success? By John Burfitt There’s no shortage of effective ideas when it comes to marketing a veterinary business, with initiatives […]

generalise or specialise

To generalise or specialise?

If you are a junior vet unsure whether to generalise or specialise, here are some things to consider. By Angela Tufvesson After at least five years of university study you’ve finally graduated as a fully qualified vet. Qualified to work […]

veterinary technology

The latest in veterinary technology

It’s no secret that technology is changing the veterinary landscape. Here’s what’s on the horizon and why you need to keep up, writes Rachel Smith Ask any vet who’s been in business over 30 years or more, and they’re likely […]

Is marketing worth the effort?

Is marketing worth the effort?

If veterinary services are essential, surely effective marketing means just sticking a sign out the front of the practice. Well, no, actually … By John Burfitt There was a time in the past when the only marketing you needed to […]

Latest in Your World


House calls

Pawssum, a nationwide mobile vet network, champions the concept of on-demand vet services delivered directly to the consumer’s front door. By Frank Leggett A regurgitating dog was the catalyst behind the mobile vet network, Pawssum. In 2016, Guy Sharabi was […]

Kate Toyer

Dr Kate Toyer’s transition to happiness

Dr Kate Toyer passionately believes that embracing diversity and inclusion is of immense value to society, business and the veterinary profession. By Kerryn Ramsey Dr Kate Toyer is a veterinarian, wife and father of three children. For the past three years, […]

Professor Vanessa Barrs

Professor Vanessa Barrs is going viral

In a career dedicated to the research and improvement of feline health, Professor Vanessa Barrs has researched, identified and treated a number of deadly viruses. By Frank Leggett Feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) is the oldest known cat virus, having been […]

innovators in the veterinary field

The new innovators

Meet the visionary Australians in the veterinary field whose breakthrough innovations have made a positive impact this year. By Kerryn Ramsey Innovator: Dr Nick BeijerinkInnovation: Open-heart surgery for dogs One of the most common cardio-respiratory diseases in canines, mitral valve […]

Latest in Passions


Long run

Dr Caroline Thursfield of North Road Veterinary Centre in Gardenvale, VIC, is the recipient of the Worldwide Veterinary Service charity ballot place in the 2019 London Marathon. “I took up running about five years ago to improve my fitness. My […]

Life cycle

A 100-kilometre bike ride is just a warm-up for long-distance cyclist Dr Warren Foreman of Adelaide Vet in SA. “I rode bikes everywhere from the time I was a school kid until I finished university. I stopped cycling when I […]

ultimate frisbee

Ultimate frisbee: a game of throws

They play at different levels but Dr Vickie Saye of Hall Vet Surgery and Dr Shannon West of the Belconnen Animal Hospital, both in the ACT, love a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Dr Vickie Saye “A friend invited me along […]


4WDing off road

Australia is a big country and Dr Andrew Hemming of Ripley Veterinary Hospital in QLD likes exploring it with his 4WD and camper.  “When I was a kid, my parents owned a 4WD and we took a lot of trips […]

Latest in Gear

parasitic diseases in pets

Introducing Moxiclear

This article is sponsored content brought to you By Norbrook Laboratories. Norbrook Laboratories, as we celebrate our 50th year, are excited to introduce Moxiclear™ into the companion animal parasiticide market. A spot on formulation containing the trusted and effective active […]

vital assessments veterinary

The 5th Vital Assessment

by Dr Jennifer Ervin, Hill’s Pet Nutrition Australia This article is sponsored content brought to you by Hill’s Pet Nutrition Australia. Have you heard of the 5th Vital Assessment or 5VA or V5? No? Well, that’s not surprising because as […]

CH2 veterinary division

CH2: Your Independent Australian Veterinary Wholesaler

This article is sponsored content brought to you by CH2. CH2 is Australia’s leading integrated distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, nutritional, equipment and veterinary products servicing the healthcare market. With a portfolio of over 50,000 products sourced from 700+ industry […]

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