• Professor Vanessa Barrs is going viral

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    In a career dedicated to the research and improvement of feline health, Professor Vanessa Barrs has researched, identified and treated a number of deadly viruses. By Frank Leggett Feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) is the oldest known cat virus, having been […]

  • Is marketing worth the effort?

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    If veterinary services are essential, surely effective marketing means just sticking a sign out the front of the practice. Well, no, actually … By John Burfitt There was a time in the past when the only marketing you needed to […]

  • Choosing the right business model

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    Private practice, corporate group, partnership—choosing the right business model requires careful consideration. By Cameron Cooper After almost 20 years in practice, Dr Deborah Webb admits she had been feeling somewhat “isolated” as a veterinarian in her four Redland Bay part-time […]

  • Ultimate frisbee: a game of throws

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    They play at different levels but Dr Vickie Saye of Hall Vet Surgery and Dr Shannon West of the Belconnen Animal Hospital, both in the ACT, love a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Dr Vickie Saye “A friend invited me along […]

  • The new innovators

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    Meet the visionary Australians in the veterinary field whose breakthrough innovations have made a positive impact this year. By Kerryn Ramsey Innovator: Dr Nick BeijerinkInnovation: Open-heart surgery for dogs One of the most common cardio-respiratory diseases in canines, mitral valve […]

Latest in Veterinary News

shelter dogs

Shelter dogs get second leash on life

Better behaviour assessment could be the key to more successful adoptions and reducing risk of euthanasia for shelter dogs, according to new University of Queensland research. School of Veterinary Science PhD candidate Liam Clay is collaborating with RSPCA Queensland to […]

overweight dogs

New research prompts warning for overweight dogs

Dog owners are being urged to double-check their dogs aren’t overweight on the back of new research showing that carrying extra weight can shorten a canine’s life. When compared with ideal-weight dogs, the research by the University of Liverpool and Mars Petcare’s […]

screwtail dog breeds

Bulldogs’ screwtails linked to human genetic disease

With their small size, stubby faces and wide-set eyes, bulldogs, French bulldogs and Boston terriers are among the most popular of domestic dog breeds. Now researchers at the University of California, Davis, have found the genetic basis for these dogs’ […]

Kellyville pets hosts reptile rescue day

After the success of the first ever Python Rescue Day back in July 2018, Kellyville Pets are once again collaborating with the NSW Government and rescue groups to host a Reptile Rescue Day.  Reptile Rescue Day on Tuesday 22 January is a […]

Latest in Your Business

Management of malignant melanoma with Oncept vaccine

Leopold is a 10-year-old, male neutered, standard schnauzer that was referred to Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre (BVSC) for management of malignant melanoma of the metatarsal pad (Figure 1). An incisional biopsy of the mass had been performed by the referring […]

increase veterinary clinic visits

5 ways to increase veterinary clinic visits

There are a number of marketing tactics you can use to encourage more visits to your clinic. But they all boil down to one thing: be helpful. By Rob Johnson It’s easy for vets to get stuck in an endless […]

Surviving the silly season

From recruiting locums to stocking up on consumables, here’s how to ensure your business can survive the busy holiday period. By Rachel Smith  The silly season is in full swing—and as most of the population starts to wind down and […]

Pet boarding

Offering boarding for dogs, cats or both can be a strategy to improve client engagement. Clea Sherman investigates how to do so successfully. For many pet owners, the thought of going away and leaving their beloved fur baby behind is […]

Latest in Your World

The link between animal abuse and domestic violence

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting a link between animal abuse and family violence. Vets are in a position to help—but it’s a highly complex issue that requires tact and sensitivity. Susanna Nelson reports For many vets, particularly […]

Yolanda Surjan

Dr Yolanda Surjan riding the waves of change

New radiation technology developed by a team of experts, among them 2017 CSIRO Breakout Female Scientist Dr Yolanda Surjan, looks set to change the face of cancer treatment across veterinary clinics. By Chloe Warren In animals—as in humans—for every cancer […]

toll of drought on vets

Dry run—the toll of drought on country vets

It’s an especially challenging time for country vets as the drought in rural NSW takes an ever-greater toll on farmers and their animals, writes Tracey Porter. As a country vet in New South Wales’s central west, Dr Scott Parry is well […]

Geoff Golovsky

Dr Geoff Golovsky—from stress to success

Since his epiphany five years ago, Dr Geoff Golovsky has been able to engage better with his employees and so drive the growth of his two Sydney practices. Cameron Cooper reports As a highly trained veterinarian with experience in Thailand, […]

Latest in Passions


4WDing off road

Australia is a big country and Dr Andrew Hemming of Ripley Veterinary Hospital in QLD likes exploring it with his 4WD and camper.  “When I was a kid, my parents owned a 4WD and we took a lot of trips […]


Scout’s honour

Scouting has been a way of life for Alexandra Digweed, VN and practice manager at Boongarry Veterinary Services in Cairns, QLD, since she was six.  “My first introduction to scouting was accompanying Mum to a local Joey Scout meeting over […]


Vintage enamel signs and Jaguar cars are just two of the things that Dr Colin Tedman of Caloundra Vet Surgery in Queensland loves to collect. “When I was a child in England, my dad worked on the railways. Occasionally he’d bring something […]

tenpin bowling

Tenpin bowling

Every tenpin bowler aspires to a perfect 300 game. Dr Ray Chan of Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital in New South Wales has achieved it eight times. “When I was in high school, a friend of mine bowled in a Friday […]

Latest in Gear

dogs with allergies

How nutrition transformed the lives of two atopic dogs

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Hill’s. We all know how frustrating allergic skin disease can be for pet owners to manage, and a multimodal treatment plan aimed at reducing the immune response and improving the skin […]

pet obesity

The largest international weight loss study to date

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Royal Canin. Obesity is a global threat with pet obesity rates currently as high as 56% dogs and 60% cats in the USA and 33% dogs and 26% cats in Australia.1  […]

veterinary probiotics

Talking to clients: Are all probiotics the same?

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Purina. Nutrition exchange While many clients are familiar with human probiotics, questions about how probiotics can benefit their pets are common. It may sound obvious, but not all probiotics are equal […]

how to make your website work for you

How to make your website work for you

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Engage Content. Here’s a hint–it’s not by buying Google ads. Here are five ideas that will get your digital marketing working the way it’s meant to. A lot of online advice […]

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