• Sexism in the veterinary profession

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    Despite there being more women who are vets, sexism in the veterinary profession is yet to be eradicated, writes Jessica Mudditt. In decades past, Australia’s veterinary profession comprised a largely homogenous group of people:  white males. “At that time, women […]

  • Archery: my aim is true

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    A cool head and steady hand has seen vet nurse Aimee Deaves of the Animal Referral Hospital in Brisbane, QLD, compete worldwide in archery competitions. “There are moments in archery when you feel like you’re on cloud nine and can’t […]

  • Branching out with Tania Duratovic

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    Tania Duratovic was helping animals long before she became a vet nurse. But she decided to get formal qualifications so she could do even more—particularly through her charity Tree of Compassion—to assist animals in need. By Kathy Graham Tania has […]

  • Online vets

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    The internet has changed the way we access a whole range of services. Now it’s even possible for pet owners to talk to online vets—a boon for customers and most likely a game changer in animal care. By Andy Kollmorgen […]

  • Fat pets

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    Dealing with a clients’ fat pets can be tricky on many levels, but it’s an animal welfare issue that you and your practice can’t ignore. By Rachel Smith Telling a pet owner that Ron the dashshund is too fat for […]

Latest in Veterinary News

benefits of dog ownership

Promoting the benefits of pet ownership

PetSafe® Brand Australia has this month partnered with Dr Leigh Plummer, a Sydney-based clinical psychologist to further explore the benefits of pet ownership, specifically how owning a pet can help to improve the lifestyle of those suffering mental health issues. […]

Dogs needed to help evaluate canine cancer drug

During this National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, biotech company PharmAust is putting the call out for canines to help evaluate a new anti-cancer drug shown to be safe and effective in preliminary trials. The compassionate use program is a prelude […]

pet owner

Improving the client-vet relationship

Vet Record (formerly Veterinary Record) has launched a new feature ‘What Is Your Client Thinking?’ where owners set the learning agenda for vets—part of the journal’s strategy to encourage vets and owners to work together as partners to improve care. Each […]

dogs on public transport

Dogs on public transport

A University of Sydney study of Sydney dog owners has found that an overwhelming 95 per cent of people are in favour of dogs on public transport, with more than half indicating they would do more activities with their hound […]

Latest in Your Business

The golden age: mature workers in the veterinary profession

Just as we’re being told we have to keep working for longer, the skills and experience offered by mature workers in the veterinary profession are finally being recognised. By John Burfitt It was former Treasurer Joe Hockey who a few […]

finding good staff

Finding good staff

Recruiting doesn’t have to be a headache, writes Rachel Smith. Here are four tips for finding good staff—and three for keeping them. Your practice is growing. More clients are coming through the door with their pets; you’re working longer hours. […]

exotic pets

A taste for exotic pets

Smaller living spaces and higher disposable incomes are helping drive a boom in the exotic pet industry. So what’s it like running a practice that exclusively treats exotic animals? Tracey Porter investigates A glance at his online store tells potential […]

Are farm vets a dying species?

A look at the challenges facing large-animal practices in regional Australia, and at how practice owners, vet schools and industry are responding to them. By Merran White These days, the vast majority of vets work with small companion animals in […]

Latest in Your World

anaesthesia-free dentistry for pets

Ending anaesthesia-free dentistry for pets

An increasing number of lay practitioners are offering anaesthesia-free dentistry services across Australia. Now the AVA is taking a stand against it, reports Katie McCaffery After having highlighted this topic on World Veterinary Congress Day, Dr Tara Cashman, president of the […]

Dr Helen Jones

Dr Helen Jones and her brilliant career

Today, most vets are female. But when Dr Helen Jones began work five decades ago, the profession was dominated by men. That didn’t stop her from embarking on a varied and accomplished career—for which she was honoured in this year’s […]

Dr Chris Brown goes to Africa

In search of new inspirations for his veterinary work, the former host of Bondi Vet headed to Uganda to help a tower of giraffes cross the River Nile. By John Burfitt The past few years of TV success have made […]


Rock on

Fossil collector Dr Allen O’Grady, of Eatons Hill Veterinary Surgery in Queensland, has adorned his practice with dinosaur bones. “On the front patio of my home is a hind limb bone of a brachiosaurus, one of the biggest dinosaurs that […]

Latest in Passions

clay target shooting

Straight shooter

The clay targets don’t stand a chance when Dr Andrew Hoare of South East Vets in Mount Gambier, SA, is on his game. “The first time I tried clay target shooting was when I was a teenager in Kingaroy, Queensland. […]

Say cheese

When you love cheese as much as Dr Leisa Denaro of Lamington Terrace Vet Surgery in Nambour, QLD, your only choice is to make it yourself. “I’ve just been a mad, crazy cheese person for as long as I can […]

The cipher room

Spies, detectives and serial killers were the inspiration for Dr David Vella of Sydney Exotics + Rabbit Vets in Crows Nest, NSW, when building his escape rooms. “The old abandoned cabin is the ramshackle home of a serial killer. It’s […]


When the lion dances, Dr Lai Chu Chan of Pyramid Veterinary Centre in Gordonvale, QLD, is on hand to keep it looking fit and healthy. “My husband is Irish and I’m Chinese. We have six children—two boys and four girls—and […]

Latest in Gear

dog muzzle

Tools of the trade: OPPO Duckbill Dog Muzzle

by Dr Yuka Kozawa, My Vet Animal Hospital, Waterloo, NSW This is the only type of muzzle we have in our clinic. We use it whenever we’re handling a dog where a trust relationship has not been established. Often dogs […]

wireless ultrasound

Tools of the trade: Clarius ultrasound

by Dr Sophia Ke, Heathmont Animal Hospital, VIC Clarius is a handheld, wireless ultrasound. Our practice never had an ultrasound unit prior to purchasing this one a few months ago. Initially, I was a little concerned about how much we […]

natural parasite control

Natural parasite control for dogs and cats

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Staughton Group. One of the very common questions I am asked is about natural parasite control. The most common parasites we deal with are intestinal worms, topical fleas and ticks, and […]

parasite control

Partner with Popantel F® this summer

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Jurox. Protect your pet and your family Your clinic plays an important role in providing expert advice and designing a suitable parasite control program for your clients, their pets and their […]

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