• Price is right

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    When buying or leasing equipment, it’s important to avoid over-capitalising. There are a number of different ways to help minimise costs. By Kerryn Ramsey When starting a new practice, the goal is to open with the least financial outlay and […]

  • Pet owners profile

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    Like any business owners, vets should know their market. So, what do Australian pet owners look like? Where is the research?  And how can vets use this information to market themselves more effectively? Krisinda Merhi reports With one of the […]

  • Lionheart

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    When the lion dances, Dr Lai Chu Chan of Pyramid Veterinary Centre in Gordonvale, QLD, is on hand to keep it looking fit and healthy. “My husband is Irish and I’m Chinese. We have six children—two boys and four girls—and […]

  • The bird lady

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    Her expertise in poultry health has put Robyn Alders at the forefront of international avian flu research. Now she’s putting her knowledge to work here in Australia, to improve biosecurity and nutrition. By Harry Pearl “In the early days of […]

  • Leaders of the pack

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    A new book by two US academics examines the under-representation of women in leadership roles in the veterinary profession—and what to do about it. By Heather Vaile This is the kind of book many female Gen X vets will wish […]

Latest in Veterinary News

Experts gather to fight antimicrobial resistance

The national president of the Australian Veterinary Association, Dr Paula Parker, is to attend tomorrow’s Antimicrobial Resistance Summit in Melbourne—a meeting of human and animal health experts to discuss the actions that need to be taken in Australia to tackle the […]

AVA welcomes new president

Dr Paula Parker has become the national president of the Australian Veterinary Association—the youngest national president in the association’s nearly 100-year history. Dr Parker said it was an honour and privilege to be elected president of the AVA. “The depth […]

Pet cremation business wins national award

It’s a sign of the times that Edenhills Pet Cremation has won the 2017 Australian Small Business Champion Awards for Pet Services. In the past, pet cremation was virtually unheard of as most pet owners disposed of their pets’ remains on […]

Latest in Your Business

Show me the way

Experienced vets across the country are volunteering to help recent graduates find their feet in practice. Meg Crawford reports The transition to veterinary practice from uni comes as a rude shock to some students. Graduates may excel academically, but are […]

Staying safe

There’s a lot of talk about the mental health issues faced by veterinarians—but what about the physical dangers? Zoe Meunier investigates For Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) president Dr Robert Johnson, 6 March 2017 is a date “indelibly etched in my […]

Risky business

An increasingly litigious society and ever-greater humanisation of pets means vets must be vigilant to avoid legal action. By Chris Sheedy Whether a vet’s patient is a million-dollar racehorse, a $250,000 stud bull, a $100,000 exotic bird or a $25 […]

The local world wide web

Vet practices depend on local business; yet many vets don’t realise that they can use the web to target local prospects. Krisinda Merhi reports Someone has just moved into your suburb. They need a vet. Naturally, they go for the […]

Latest in Your World

The boy who loved the wild

Rupert Woods is a reminder of what the veterinary profession is all about. Passionate about wildlife from a young age, Woods’ intense curiosity took him from a sub-Antarctic island to London Zoo before eventually landing him the job of CEO […]

Rescue me

Australian vets are quick to volunteer during disasters. Now the Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team has been established to coordinate their efforts, reports Harry Pearl In the week following Victoria’s Black Saturday Fires in 2009, in which 173 people died, […]

Howard’s ark

He’s known far and wide as the “man with the magic hands”. Meet the wildlife veterinary surgeon who is passionate about treating—and promoting the welfare of—Australia’s native animals. By Kathy Graham It’s a hot day and the 20kg wombat, despite […]

No way out

A recent study indicates that feeling professionally stuck is a significant risk factor for depression and suicidal thinking among vets, reports Meg Crawford Sadly, depression and anxiety are so rife in the veterinary community that they’re almost occupational hazards. Even […]

Latest in Passions

A good yarn

A serious injury led Dr Susan Walsh of Bedford-Dianella Vet Centre in WA to re-think her priorities and embrace the art of crochet. “About eight years ago when I was employed full-time at another practice, I was working long hours […]

Surf’s up

Joining a surfboat crew is a great way to get fit and meet people, according to Dr Jessica Dalton of Macleay Valley Veterinary Services, Kempsey, NSW “When I started working in Kempsey, I was new to the area and didn’t […]

Wing it

A hard-working equine and small animal vet, Dr David Clemence of The Animal Doctors in Pakenham, Victoria, likes to relax by flying aeroplanes upside down. “When you’re doing aerobatics, the g-force is the same as experienced by fighter pilots. All […]

Fast and furious

She represented England in lacrosse at three World Cups—now Dr Rachel Kirchheimer of Glenhuntly Road Veterinary Clinic in Victoria is playing for Australia “I went to school in the north of London where I was first introduced to lacrosse. I […]

Latest in Gear

Tools of the trade: SunTech Vet20

by Jessica Myts VN, Hills Veterinary Centre, Blackwood, SA Prior to purchasing this unit, we had another brand of blood pressure monitor that was very unreliable. Every time it was used, consecutive readings would vary widely for no reason. The […]

Tools of the trade: ICR 3600 Digital X-ray unit

by Dr Philip Druce, Auburn Vet Hospital, NSW We’ve had other digital X-ray units but this one is smaller, easier to use and creates high-quality X-rays. It can be positioned on a bench and moved around if required. What’s good […]

Tools of the trade: IM3 42-12 ultrasonic scaler

by Dr Lisa Woollard, The Blackburn Vet, VIC We recently acquired the new iM3 42-12 ultrasonic scaler and are quite impressed with its performance. It removes calculus with ease and comes with two interchangeable tips—a universal tip and a perio […]

Tools of the trade: Explorer probe D1010

by Dr Chris Sun, Lane Cove Veterinary Hospital, NSW It’s very common for clients to expect us to clean their dog’s teeth or remove tartar while the animal is awake. Obviously, the animal needs to be anaesthetised to perform most […]

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