• Ending anaesthesia-free dentistry for pets

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    An increasing number of lay practitioners are offering anaesthesia-free dentistry services across Australia. Now the AVA is taking a stand against it, reports Katie McCaffery After having highlighted this topic on World Veterinary Congress Day, Dr Tara Cashman, president of the […]

  • Straight shooter

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    The clay targets don’t stand a chance when Dr Andrew Hoare of South East Vets in Mount Gambier, SA, is on his game. “The first time I tried clay target shooting was when I was a teenager in Kingaroy, Queensland. […]

  • Dr Helen Jones and her brilliant career

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    Today, most vets are female. But when Dr Helen Jones began work five decades ago, the profession was dominated by men. That didn’t stop her from embarking on a varied and accomplished career—for which she was honoured in this year’s […]

  • Finding good staff

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    Recruiting doesn’t have to be a headache, writes Rachel Smith. Here are four tips for finding good staff—and three for keeping them. Your practice is growing. More clients are coming through the door with their pets; you’re working longer hours. […]

  • Dr Chris Brown goes to Africa

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    In search of new inspirations for his veterinary work, the former host of Bondi Vet headed to Uganda to help a tower of giraffes cross the River Nile. By John Burfitt The past few years of TV success have made […]

Latest in Veterinary News

sleeping with dogs

Sleeping with dogs promotes better sleep

Let sleeping dogs lie … in the bedroom. That’s according to a new US study that’s found sleeping with dogs promotes better sleep. It’s no secret that Americans—just like Australians—love their dogs. According to the American Veterinary Association, more than […]


Handwashing reminder

On Global Handwashing Day (15 October) this past Sunday, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) urged animal owners and handlers to ensure they maintain good disease prevention and infection control, which starts with the simple act of handwashing. AVA president Dr […]

women with pets in domestic violence relationships

Should I stay or should I go? Women, pets and domestic violence

Women in domestic violence relationships delay leaving due to concern their abusive partner might hurt or neglect their animals left at home. A research team from The University of Queensland (UQ) examined the impact domestic violence had on companion animals […]

RSPCA backs plans to allow pets in rental homes

RSPCA Victoria CEO Dr Liz Walker has welcomed the Government’s proposed changes to make it easier for tenants to keep pets in rental homes, saying that the move had the potential to significantly reduce the number of dogs and cats […]

Latest in Your Business

exotic pets

A taste for exotic pets

Smaller living spaces and higher disposable incomes are helping drive a boom in the exotic pet industry. So what’s it like running a practice that exclusively treats exotic animals? Tracey Porter investigates A glance at his online store tells potential […]

Are farm vets a dying species?

A look at the challenges facing large-animal practices in regional Australia, and at how practice owners, vet schools and industry are responding to them. By Merran White These days, the vast majority of vets work with small companion animals in […]

Vets working with farmers

Large-animal vets know that it can be a juggling act prescribing veterinary science to the people who know the animals best of all. They also know that striking the right balance can be extremely rewarding. By John Burfitt It was […]

Preventive medicine for pets

Vets know very well that nipping pets’ health problems in the bud before they develop into serious, possibly life-threatening, conditions is common sense. The challenge is convincing pet owners to book their animals in for regular preventive health checks. Sue […]

Latest in Your World


Rock on

Fossil collector Dr Allen O’Grady, of Eatons Hill Veterinary Surgery in Queensland, has adorned his practice with dinosaur bones. “On the front patio of my home is a hind limb bone of a brachiosaurus, one of the biggest dinosaurs that […]

New tricks: talking with Professor Paul McGreevy

He’s someone who wants vets to start looking at the big picture—the very big picture—when treating their patients, writes Harry Pearl. The end of a winding, corrugated dirt road, bordered by eucalyptus and struggling vineyards, seems an unlikely hub for […]

Vote of confidence

As older, male vets who own practices, sit on boards and occupy other leadership positions age and retire, opportunities abound for female vets eager to climb the career ladder. But is a lack of professional confidence holding women back? By […]

The road less travelled

For young British vet Janey Lowes, a regular job in a local practice didn’t quite cut it. The 28-year-old now runs a charity that provides veterinary care for Sri Lanka’s street dogs—and has no plans to return home any time […]

Latest in Passions

Say cheese

When you love cheese as much as Dr Leisa Denaro of Lamington Terrace Vet Surgery in Nambour, QLD, your only choice is to make it yourself. “I’ve just been a mad, crazy cheese person for as long as I can […]

The cipher room

Spies, detectives and serial killers were the inspiration for Dr David Vella of Sydney Exotics + Rabbit Vets in Crows Nest, NSW, when building his escape rooms. “The old abandoned cabin is the ramshackle home of a serial killer. It’s […]


When the lion dances, Dr Lai Chu Chan of Pyramid Veterinary Centre in Gordonvale, QLD, is on hand to keep it looking fit and healthy. “My husband is Irish and I’m Chinese. We have six children—two boys and four girls—and […]

A good yarn

A serious injury led Dr Susan Walsh of Bedford-Dianella Vet Centre in WA to re-think her priorities and embrace the art of crochet. “About eight years ago when I was employed full-time at another practice, I was working long hours […]

Latest in Gear


Tools of the trade: Olympus CX 22 LED microscope

by Victoria Harrington, Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic, VIC During consults, we regularly use this microscope to look at ear swabs and work out what bacteria or yeast we’re targeting. We pick the treatment that’s needed based on what we see under […]

The Gordon

Animal studies at The Gordon

This article is sponsored content brought to you by The Gordon. The Gordon is one of Victoria’s largest regional stand-alone TAFEs, and is now delivering Animal Studies training in Geelong, Werribee, Ballarat and Colac! Renowned for hands-on learning, The Gordon […]

VetPrac helping you succeed

This article is sponsored content brought to you by VetPrac. VetPrac is an independent Australian education business that helps vets and nurses develop practical skills. VetPrac has had a positive influence over the entire veterinary industry, shaping the way practical […]

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