• Tips for a more profitable veterinary practice

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    Threats to their livelihood in the form of corporate consolidations, burn-out and perceived value are forcing smaller vet clinics to rethink how they run their practices. Tracey Porter reports Southern Cross Vet Clinic in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville believes offering […]

  • Veterinary telemedicine: help from afar

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    Rapidly developing technology is bringing telemedicine to Australia’s vet industry, and experts agree it will complement—not replace—the traditional bricks-and-mortar veterinary practice. Shane Conroy reports From wearable health trackers to virtual doctors, the latest telemedicine technology is transforming human healthcare. But […]

  • Fighting fit with Muay Thai

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    Muay Thai is a great way to keep fit but Dr Amber Giles of Noosa District Animal Hospital in Queensland also loves the physical and mental discipline. “My brother is responsible for my involvement with Muay Thai. He used to […]

  • Veterinary uniforms

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    A consistent veterinary uniform policy gives your practice professionalism and credibility. Here’s how to make sure you and your staff are on point. By Rachel Smith A big part of running a veterinary practice is creating a brand clients can […]

  • The Fear Free approach to veterinary care

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    If you’re worn out by having to deal with frantic pets and their frazzled owners struggling to get them through the door, maybe it’s time to consider the Fear Free approach to veterinary care. By Heather Vaile In the city […]

Latest in Veterinary News

Guyan Weerasinghe

Aussie vet wins WSAVA vet award

Dr Guyan Weerasinghe, an Australian veterinarian working in small animal practice and as a state government veterinary officer, has been announced by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association and Hill’s Pet Nutrition as the winner of the 2018 Next Generation Veterinary Award. The award acknowledges the work of a veterinarian who graduated within the past […]

New vet valuation powerhouse

Two of Australia’s leading providers of vet practice valuations have recently joined forces under the ValuVet brand. Anne and Paolo Lencioni of APL Accountants and Tony Thelander of ValuVet have announced that they will merge their significant valuation services to bring their […]

veterinary awards

Recognising Australia’s vet professionals

Nominations are now open for the Petplan Australia annual Veterinary Awards.  Petplan believe in supporting the hard work of Australia’s veterinary professionals and have created these awards to help celebrate and showcase their innovation, initiative and many contributions to the […]

indoor only cats

The secret life of ‘indoor only’ cats

Today is International Cat Day and to mark the occasion, the ‘Have we seen your cat lately?’ program  is shining a spotlight on the hidden health risks Australian cat owners may not be aware of. Australians may think their indoor cats […]

Latest in Your Business

great vet nurse

What makes a great vet nurse?

Every vet practice owner knows—or should know—that great vet nurses are worth their weight in gold. So, what makes them really shine and how do you get them to that point? Heather Vaile reports At a swanky conference dinner in […]

staff meetings

Staff meetings

People complain about staff meetings but you can’t run a business without them. Here are five tips to help you ensure that your team powwows are time well spent. By Meg Crawford We’ve all experienced it before: when meetings are good, they’re […]

Building your veterinary brand

As the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Building your veterinary brand is an investment in your vet practice and a representation of the way you do business. Louise Baxter reports When you’re seeking professional […]

insurance for veterinary practices

Insurance for veterinary practices

Public liability insurance is critical for vets who run their own practice but what are the other business insurance options that will keep your business fully covered? James Gallaway investigates Veterinarian Kay Weller was alone in the Bowral Veterinary Hospital […]

Latest in Your World


Desexing dogs

Surgical castration used to be the only option when desexing dogs but now a non-surgical implant offers an alternative to dog owners unsure if a permanent reduction of testosterone is best for their pet. By Sarah Thomas  Desexing is one […]

Jayne Weller

Dr Jayne Weller’s wild things

Hers must be one of the most coveted jobs in the country. Meet Dr Jayne Weller, who counts among her patients cheetahs, deer, lemurs and giraffes, to name but a few. Sarah Thomas reports. It’s a brilliantly sunny autumn day at […]

dog attacks

Dog attacks

There’s a lot of misinformation about dog attacks, not helped by sensational media reporting that often follows an incident. So, what are the facts and how can vets educate owners and keep themselves safe? Chloe Warren reports One of the […]

euthanasia at home

Pet euthanasia at home

An increasing number of practitioners are making it their business to ensure pets can enjoy more dignified deaths outside of traditional treatment rooms, as Tracey Porter discovers. The veteran veterinarian remembers each one as if they were her own—Fluffy, Simba, Maggie, Bugsy […]

Latest in Passions

conducting an orchestra


With 50 people following his every move, Dr Mark Schembri, an Australian Turf Club vet at Randwick, NSW, says conducting is his passion and joy. “I’ve always loved music and studied clarinet and trumpet as a school student. I did […]

Judo: the gentle way

Despite a serious arm injury, Dr Andrew Dallimore of Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre in Olinda, VIC, is helping to change kids’ lives by teaching judo. When I was 14, I took up judo because I was short, tubby and getting bullied at school. […]



When the Bega District Brass Band needs a mellow, smoky solo, they turn to Dr Jane Woolacott of Bega Veterinary Hospital in NSW, and her flugelhorn “A flugelhorn is basically just an over-sized trumpet. It has the same valves that […]

wine making

Wine making

Dr Kate Woods of Manjimup Veterinary Clinic in WA is robust, independent and of strong character—just like the wine she makes. “My husband and I were keen to get away from Perth and raise our kids in the country. We […]

Latest in Gear

animal clippers

Tools of the trade: Shear Magic Battery Trimmer

by Dr Kylie Clifford, Bird & Smith myVET, Fullarton, SA I’ve only recently started working at Bird & Smith and the first thing I requested was for them to purchase a set of these clippers. Now all the staff is […]


Immediate accurate results—now!

This article is sponsored content brought to you by REM Systems. A rural veterinary practice in South Australia can now get fast and accurate test results, thanks to the VetScan VS2, HM5 and VSpro analysers—and its patients are the big winners. […]

Graham Innovations: Trailblazers in veterinary technology

This article is sponsored content brought to you by BCF Ultrasound. Melbourne-based Research & Development company, Graham Innovations, is using the latest technologies to create practical solutions for veterinary and agricultural industries. You may already be aware of their flagship […]

dog treat

Tools of the trade: Barkaroo

by Dr Peta Railton, Pet Medical, Milsons Point, NSW Barkaroo is a healthy dog treat made from dehydrated kangaroo fillets. We are an accredited low-stress handling clinic and have found theses treats are a great way to relax dogs and […]

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