• Say cheese

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    When you love cheese as much as Dr Leisa Denaro of Lamington Terrace Vet Surgery in Nambour, QLD, your only choice is to make it yourself. “I’ve just been a mad, crazy cheese person for as long as I can […]

  • Vote of confidence

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    As older, male vets who own practices, sit on boards and occupy other leadership positions age and retire, opportunities abound for female vets eager to climb the career ladder. But is a lack of professional confidence holding women back? By […]

  • The road less travelled

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    For young British vet Janey Lowes, a regular job in a local practice didn’t quite cut it. The 28-year-old now runs a charity that provides veterinary care for Sri Lanka’s street dogs—and has no plans to return home any time […]

  • All the feels

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    Pet therapy and behavioural medicine for animals are on the rise. Are such services right for your practice? By Rachel Smith Once upon a time, veterinarians who suggested that animals might have feelings like humans do, or even suffer mental […]

  • Mental health first aid for vets

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    The Australian Veterinary Association is rolling out an emergency kit of tools for the veterinary industry in an effort to boost workplace wellness, reports Meg Crawford The statistics on anxiety and depression in the veterinary industry are sobering. A 2009 […]

Latest in Veterinary News

Dogs NSW honours man’s best friend on National Dog Day

Dogs deserve the description ‘man’s best friend’ for many reasons, not the least of which being they make wonderful companion animals, offering their human owners unconditional love as well as many benefits to their physical and mental health. Which is […]

Company fined for supplying unregistered veterinary chemical product

A business supplying horse health-care products has been fined $11,250 by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for possession and supply of an unregistered veterinary chemical product. APVMA chief executive officer, Dr Chris Parker, said the supplier continued […]

New report outlines fight against antimicrobial resistance in animals

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) yesterday released a report on antimicrobial resistance in animals in Australia that extends our knowledge for regulating this global health and welfare concern. APVMA chief scientist Dr Phil Reeves said that the Antibiotic […]

Latest in Your Business

On the money

How is it some vet clinics seems right on the money when setting fees, while others play follow the leader? Getting your fee structure right can be the key to making your business a success, writes John Burfitt Considering the […]

Is your staff well-served?

According to management experts, happy employees boost the bottom line. By Andy Kollmorgen There’s a business management theory out there that goes something like this: the better you treat your employees, the better your business will do. It’s called the […]

It’s in the rules

Differences in pet legislation between the various state and territories is something of a veterinary minefield. A new AVA project, however, is attempting to streamline it once and for all. By Blake Dennis Get talking to most vets on the […]

Price is right

When buying or leasing equipment, it’s important to avoid over-capitalising. There are a number of different ways to help minimise costs. By Kerryn Ramsey When starting a new practice, the goal is to open with the least financial outlay and […]

Latest in Your World

The view from the hill

Australian Dr Scott Miller, well-known to British TV audiences from the series The Vet on the Hill, explains how the series showed him that an education about animals can take place on both sides of the camera. By John Burfitt […]

The bird lady

Her expertise in poultry health has put Robyn Alders at the forefront of international avian flu research. Now she’s putting her knowledge to work here in Australia, to improve biosecurity and nutrition. By Harry Pearl “In the early days of […]

Leaders of the pack

A new book by two US academics examines the under-representation of women in leadership roles in the veterinary profession—and what to do about it. By Heather Vaile This is the kind of book many female Gen X vets will wish […]

The boy who loved the wild

Rupert Woods is a reminder of what the veterinary profession is all about. Passionate about wildlife from a young age, Woods’ intense curiosity took him from a sub-Antarctic island to London Zoo before eventually landing him the job of CEO […]

Latest in Passions

The cipher room

Spies, detectives and serial killers were the inspiration for Dr David Vella of Sydney Exotics + Rabbit Vets in Crows Nest, NSW, when building his escape rooms. “The old abandoned cabin is the ramshackle home of a serial killer. It’s […]


When the lion dances, Dr Lai Chu Chan of Pyramid Veterinary Centre in Gordonvale, QLD, is on hand to keep it looking fit and healthy. “My husband is Irish and I’m Chinese. We have six children—two boys and four girls—and […]

A good yarn

A serious injury led Dr Susan Walsh of Bedford-Dianella Vet Centre in WA to re-think her priorities and embrace the art of crochet. “About eight years ago when I was employed full-time at another practice, I was working long hours […]

Surf’s up

Joining a surfboat crew is a great way to get fit and meet people, according to Dr Jessica Dalton of Macleay Valley Veterinary Services, Kempsey, NSW “When I started working in Kempsey, I was new to the area and didn’t […]

Latest in Gear

Tools of the trade: Hanshin 21 Litre Steriliser

by Dr Warren Doidge, Companion Vet Care, North Lakes, QLD We had another autoclave, probably about a four- or five-year-old, that had to be replaced due to necessity. We purchased this smaller capacity Hanshin model and we’ve been very happy […]

MyRad D-EVO II—built for the equine vet

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Conversa. Takes X-ray images in under a minute The MyRad D-EVO II is the first wireless DR equine system to offer the patented ISS (Irradiated Side Sampling) Technology. This technology improves […]

SUCCEED®—the formula for success

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Cenversa. A healthy digestive system supports every aspect of a horse’s health. Time constraints of owners, lack of pasture access, high concentrate diets and the desire to keep horses in top […]

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