• Cancer treatment for pets

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    With pets now viewed as part of the family, owners are more inclined to expect oncological treatment in the event of a cancer diagnosis. By Meg Crawford These days, according to the Australian Veterinary Association, pet owners tend to view […]

  • What makes a great vet nurse?

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    Every vet practice owner knows—or should know—that great vet nurses are worth their weight in gold. So, what makes them really shine and how do you get them to that point? Heather Vaile reports At a swanky conference dinner in […]

  • The benefits of running a niche practice

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    With vets facing increasing competition from new practices, more are finding a competitive advantage in niche practice. But is specialising in just one species right for you? By Shane Conroy  We don’t need to tell you that running a veterinary […]

  • Blowhard

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    When the Bega District Brass Band needs a mellow, smoky solo, they turn to Dr Jane Woolacott of Bega Veterinary Hospital in NSW, and her flugelhorn “A flugelhorn is basically just an over-sized trumpet. It has the same valves that […]

  • Dr Paula Parker, AVA president, is calm under pressure

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    Whether she’s saving an emergency patient on the Gold Coast, speaking at a conference in Melbourne, or lobbying government officials in Canberra, AVA president Paula Parker is across the small details and the big-picture implications of what’s going on. By […]

Latest in Veterinary News

pet-friendly homes

Finding a pet-friendly home isn’t easy, survey finds

A new nationwide survey conducted by Australia’s leading pet nutrition business, Mars Petcare Australia, has revealed that more than 4.3 million Australians struggle to find a suitable place to live with their pets. This has significant consequences on the health […]

live sheep export

Live sheep export review falls short, says AVA

The Australian Veterinary Association has expressed some disappointment in the McCarthy Review, saying this does not adequately guarantee stronger animal welfare provisions on future live sheep export voyages to the Middle East this year. The AVA—which made its own in-depth […]

New cat virus could shed light on hepatitis B

Australian scientists have identified a new feline disease similar to hepatitis B in humans after discovering a virus previously unknown in cats. The discovery, published last week in the journal Viruses, could have an impact on human medical research as well as […]

dogs with cancer

UQ vets help dogs with cancer

An innovative Australian pilot study for dogs with cancer has achieved some positive results. The study of cancer treatments is being conducted by researchers at the University of Queensland’s (UQ) School of Veterinary Science in conjunction with colleagues at the […]

Latest in Your Business

couples who work together

Couples who work together

Relationships can be difficult at the best of times so are couples who work together in the same practice a good idea? By Frank Leggett Marriage is a commitment to each other that sees you living together, holidaying together, building […]

discounting for veterinary services

Discounting for veterinary services

While compassion and good intentions may result in happy clients, discounting for veterinary services can take a toll on your clinic’s finances. So, how do you manage this balance? Louise Baxter reports Australian veterinary practices only average between seven per cent […]

vet prices

Vet prices: the cost of care

No vet wants to provide anything less than the best possible treatment but when a client is unable to pay for your services, how much charity can your business afford? By Susi Banks There are various strategies veterinarians use to balance […]

Unique Selling Proposition

Know thy Unique Selling Proposition

The USP—Unique Selling Proposition—is said to be the secret of getting the right core message of your business. So why is it so many practices have no idea what their USP even is? By John Burfitt If there’s one thing most […]

Latest in Your World

Building or renovating your veterinary clinic

Building or renovating your veterinary clinic? Here are 10 top tips

Building or renovating your veterinary clinic? Before you begin the journey, consider feedback from veterinarians at the other end of the spectrum—and the teams who helped them get there. By Gillian O’Meagher Meet the clients Dr Nigel Thomas engaged Elite Fitout […]

charitable work

Doing charitable work

Many practices have a strong connection with charities and community work. While these are worthwhile causes, does this improve the business side of a practice? By James Gallaway Genuinely charitable work might seem rare in a world where corporate sponsorship of worthy […]

animal cruelty

Fighting animal cruelty

Australia’s only accredited forensic veterinarian, Dr Rebecca Belousoff, has her work cut out for her investigating some of the worst cases of animal cruelty—her evidence helping to convict animal abusers. By Petra Starke Animal cruelty cases have always been difficult to […]

human fad diets for pets

Feeding pets human food

Animals have very different nutritional needs to humans. But telling that to pet owners who are convinced the human fad diets they swear by also benefit their cat or dog isn’t always easy, unless you know how. By Rachel Smith […]

Latest in Passions

wine making

Wine making

Dr Kate Woods of Manjimup Veterinary Clinic in WA is robust, independent and of strong character—just like the wine she makes. “My husband and I were keen to get away from Perth and raise our kids in the country. We […]



Whether it’s console, online, board or card, Dr Sarah Abramowski of Belconnen Animal Hospital in Weetangera, ACT, can’t get enough of gaming. “I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t gaming. When I was a kid, my dad used to play […]


Rogaining—go your own way

Being lost in the bush at 2am is just one of the joys of rogaining, according to Dr Helen Robinson of Indigo Veterinary Services in Beechworth, VIC “Rogaining is a sport that was devised by three students at Melbourne uni back in […]


From A to Zumba

The Latin rhythms and exotic dance moves of zumba are the perfect way for Dr Gladys Tam of Mt Druitt Veterinary Clinic in NSW to stay in shape. “I’ve always liked dancing and learned how to belly dance when I was […]

Latest in Gear

oscillating saw

Tools of the trade: Multi Saw

by Dr David Larratt, Wallsend Vet, NSW This is a versatile, multi-functional oscillating saw. Not only is it useful for removing fibreglass casts and cutting goat horns but by adding a blade attachment, it can be used for orthopaedic surgery. […]


Tools of the trade: Schiotz Tonometer

by Dr Jeremy Jones, The Berwick Village Vet, VIC I don’t use a tonometer regularly enough to justify the cost of one of the newer models. Instead, I decided to go with a traditional Schiotz tonometer. What’s good about it […]

crush trailer

Tools of the trade: Mobile Vet Crush Trailer

by Dr Nadine Allan, Gilgandra Veterinary Clinic, NSW This is a modified box trailer that is attached to the back of a car or truck so it can be taken wherever it is needed. We do quite a lot of […]


Why I love the VetScan VS2 analyser

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Rem Systems. Tracy Bowring, vet nurse of Animal Referral and Emergency Centre (AREC) in Newcastle, NSW, explains why… “I obtained a Certificate IV in veterinary nursing while living in Perth and then […]

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