• Client retention: how to hang on to existing clients

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    The quest to attract new clients can sometimes overshadow the importance of client retention, but not paying attention to retention can come at a significant cost. By John Burfitt One of the wisest adages of business is that it costs […]

  • Let fly

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    Disc golf is a lot of fun but Dr Kristian Danorwayan of Highton Veterinary Clinic in Victoria also likes to play competitively. “Disc golf is played like regular golf but instead of using clubs and balls, you use frisbees. The […]

  • Dr Bob Doneley: why he’s the bird man

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    A presentation to the Budgerigar Society of Bundaberg in 1982 had a far-reaching impact on the career of new veterinary graduate, Dr Bob Doneley. By Frank Leggett Dr Bob Doneley is fascinated with birds. He has built a long and successful veterinary career with avian medicine […]

  • Mission critical

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    A new service is providing emergency care vets around Australia with a free information hub. By Clea Sherman Driving home from his first ever shift at an overnight vet service in 2001, Dr Rob Webster had to quickly pull his […]

  • Top 10 trends in the veterinary field

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    Mind-blowing technology, increasing specialisation, and the effect of feminisation—here’s a guide to the most significant trends shaping the field of veterinary science. By Kerryn Ramsey 1. Technological advances From practice management upgrades to equipment advances, from artificial intelligence to machine-learning, […]

Latest in Veterinary News

guide dog puppies

3,500 toys gifted to Guide Dog puppies

Guide Dogs Australia has received a donation of more than 3,500 new toys so puppies in training can enjoy some well-earned puppy play in their downtime.  The donation drive run by Petstock’s charity arm, PETstock Assist, saw a KONG donated for […]


Otter smuggling fuelled by Japanese craze for cute animals

A recent undercover investigation by World Animal Protection has revealed the illegal hunting, trafficking, and increased attempts to captive-breed otters across Japan, Thailand and Indonesia to satisfy a growing international demand for the animal. The surge in exotic pets across Southeast […]

pet feeder

New connected feeder helps owners monitor pet food consumption

Pet product specialist Sure Petcare recently launched the SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, the next generation of the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder. The smart feeder monitors how much and when a pet eats, sending real-time updates directly to the pet owner’s […]


Dog-friendly Big Red Bash kicks off tomorrow

With water bowls and Puppacinos in cafes and pubs now the norm, the world’s most remote music festival—the Birdsville Big Red Bash—is preparing to welcome hundreds of pups and pooches to Outback Queensland. Kicking off tomorrow—and finishing on Thursday (16-18 July)—the […]

Latest in Your Business

business plan

Your business plan: how to write one

A business plan is essential so you can set goals and achieve more for your practice. By Clea Sherman In your everyday dealings of meeting new pets and their owners, administering vaccines and treating sick animals, you have a business […]


Freeloaders: clients who refuse to pay

The frustration and financial woes caused by clients who refuse to pay can take a significant toll on practitioners. So here’s how to solve this issue of freeloaders. By Kerryn Ramsey There’s nothing more satisfying than successfully completing a medical […]

subscription services

The benefits of subscription services

The subscription model offers vets the opportunity to stabilise cashflow and tap into new revenue streams without increasing your administration workload. Shane Conroy reports From Netflix and Spotify to Threadbox and Hello Fresh, consumers have wholeheartedly embraced the subscription model. Whether […]

digital marketing tactics

Digital marketing tactics

Two of the most common and powerful tactics you can use with your digital marketing are remarketing and retargeting. Get them right and you can supercharge your online marketing. By Rob Johnson Even though it has simple goals, digital marketing […]

Latest in Your World

Gary Turnbull

Dr Gary Turnbull on the veterinarian shortage

There are claims the veterinary profession is on the brink of a crisis, but the Steering Committee from the recent Vet Shortage Think Tank believes they may have the solutions. By John Burfitt There’s something about the present numbers within […]

pet mental health

Barking mad: pet mental health

Even though one in five animals suffers from some form of mental illness, there’s still a bit of catching up to do within the veterinary profession when it comes to recognising and treating these pet mental health conditions. Kathy Graham […]

Dr Alex Hynes

Dr Alex Hynes: almost famous

When an emergency vet was referred to as a “force of nature”—by her own CEO—it was no wonder she was snapped up as one of the new Bondi Vet presenters. By Kerryn Ramsey As emergency services continue to expand in […]

working overseas

Is working overseas good for your career?

Living and working overseas is a rite of passage for young vets but does it help or hinder your job prospects when you return home? Angela Tufvesson reports After finishing her degree and working for almost two years in a […]

Latest in Passions


In tune

Can singing have an impact on the wider community? Dr Hootan Shah, who works at Doncaster Veterinary Hospital in Victoria and as a Pawssum mobile vet, intends to find out. “My singing teacher, Julie Edwardson, runs Emotionworks Cut Opera, a […]

Tuscan monastery

Under the Tuscan sun

There’s no better way to relax, according to Dr Gordon Heslop of Glenhaven and Winston Hills Veterinary Hospitals in NSW, than restoring a 12th-century Tuscan monastery. “When restoring a Tuscan monastery that’s in excess of 900 years old, it’s important […]


Paragliding is flying high

The ultimate freedom for Dr Georgina Johnston of UQ VETS Equine Specialist Hospital is to soar in her paraglider. “I had always been attracted to the idea of paragliding so, about three years ago, I decided to learn. I took […]


Long run

Dr Caroline Thursfield of North Road Veterinary Centre in Gardenvale, VIC, is the recipient of the Worldwide Veterinary Service charity ballot place in the 2019 London Marathon. “I took up running about five years ago to improve my fitness. My […]

Latest in Gear

ASAV 2019

Keeping your veterinary knowledge in-tune—from head to jaw!

This article is sponsored content brought to you by ASAV. Need insights into ophthalmology cases? Perhaps you’re looking for the latest to treat the next infectious smile in a patient, or are obscure behavioural presentations top of mind for you? […]


Putting microbiome science in the forefront of GI issues

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Hill’s. Have you been wondering why the word ‘microbiome’ has been increasingly popular topic in human and veterinary medicine? This is because scientists began to uncover that the microbes living on […]

pet health monitor

PetSure Pet Health Monitor

This article is sponsored content brought to you by PetSure. From family pet to fur baby We’re pleased to offer Vet Practice magazine readers a copy of our first PetSure Pet Health Monitor—a state-of-the-nation report that investigates Australians’ love of […]

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