• Dr Geoff Golovsky—from stress to success

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    Since his epiphany five years ago, Dr Geoff Golovsky has been able to engage better with his employees and so drive the growth of his two Sydney practices. Cameron Cooper reports As a highly trained veterinarian with experience in Thailand, […]

  • What makes the best waiting room?

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    It’s the first port of call for owners and pets, but could you be getting your waiting room all wrong? Fit-out experts say yes, writes Rachel Smith.  A veterinary practice that has a good reputation and offers great medical care […]

  • Homeward Bound—promoting women in leadership roles

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    A journey to Antarctica on a ship full of women involved with the sciences saw Dr Kate Clarke’s attitude to her veterinary work renewed, reinvigorated and re-energised. By Frank Leggett It’s fair to say that earlier this year, Dr Kate […]

  • Branding: how to make your mark

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    Branding your practice is far more about core values and a business plan than a fancy new logo or a flashy website. By John Burfitt Ask most people about the branding of their practice, and the immediate response usually involves […]

  • Finding the perfect practice manager

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    Finding the right person to manage and oversee your vet practice can prove the difference between its success and failure. You just have to know what kind of practice manager you’re looking for, as Tracey Porter discovers. Practice owners need […]

Latest in Veterinary News

veterinary wellness

Vets asked to contribute to WSAVA wellness initiative

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association is urging companion animal veterinarians globally to complete a multi-lingual online questionnaire from its newly formed Professional Wellness Group (PWG). Data from the survey will help the PWG to establish a benchmark for veterinary wellness in different regions of the world and […]

foot-and-mouth disease

Foot-and-mouth disease—do you know the signs?

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is known to affect cloven-hoofed animals, including cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, deer, buffalo and camelids. Thankfully Australia is lucky enough not to have this highly contagious disease of livestock. In 2013, the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and […]

Vets faced with high moral distress

A majority of veterinarians experience widespread moral distress when receiving inappropriate requests for euthanasia and in instances of being unable to provide care, according to a new US study. The study—published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine—surveyed 889 veterinarians in […]

horse bedding

Recycling initiative helps horses sleep easy

  Horses are sleeping easy at the University of Queensland VETS Equine Specialist Hospital thanks to a sustainability initiative. The Agribedding project transforms used cardboard boxes—from UQ’s Gatton campus and beyond—into bedding material for horses and foals. “From an environmental perspective […]

Latest in Your Business

redesigning your website

Redesigning your website

Have you looked closely at your website recently? If it’s out of date, don’t panic. Nowadays redesigning your website is quick, easy and expansive. Rob Johnson explains Time passes quickly on the web. One day you open up that website […]

pet-care products

Know your pet-care products

A recent upswing in owner demand for premium pet-food and pet-care products has created a market for vet clinics. Here’s how to make the most of this trend—for clients and your bottom line. By Merran White With mounting operating costs […]

Stress-free vet visits

It’s essential to keep smell and sound under control in your veterinary practice—not only to keep sensitive animals happy and calm, but to create and maintain a good impression for paying clients. By Louise Baxter Imagine walking into a clinic only […]

Conducting veterinary interviews

The interview in the recruitment process is considered the key tool in assessing a candidate’s suitability to a role, so why is it that so many practice owners don’t know how to conduct one? By John Burfitt Go on career […]

Latest in Your World

vet graduate mentoring

Help at hand with new vet graduate mentoring program

The AVA vet graduate mentoring program sees experienced veterinarians connecting with new graduates to help them find their feet in the profession. By Frank Leggett Starting work as a new graduate can be a time of great excitement and a […]

Dr Noam Pik

Meet Dr Noam Pik

From humble beginnings on a dairy farm in Israel, Dr Noam Pik is on the brink of a major canine cancer breakthrough while also pioneering personalised medicine for pets. By Shane Conroy “One night was never the same,” recalls Dr […]

feral cat

Fighting feral cats

Vets have a key role to play in educating cat owners as part of a plan to limit the impact of feral cat attacks on native wildlife. By Cameron Cooper As a self-confessed “crazy cat lover”, Dr Katria Lovell of […]

rehoming greyhounds

Rehoming greyhounds

As adoption and rehoming programs ramp up, more and more dog lovers are starting to appreciate the virtues of greyhounds as family pets. By Cameron Cooper Gentle and laid-back—they’re not the descriptors that have always been associated with greyhounds. Yet […]

Latest in Passions


Vintage enamel signs and Jaguar cars are just two of the things that Dr Colin Tedman of Caloundra Vet Surgery in Queensland loves to collect. “When I was a child in England, my dad worked on the railways. Occasionally he’d bring something […]

tenpin bowling

Tenpin bowling

Every tenpin bowler aspires to a perfect 300 game. Dr Ray Chan of Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital in New South Wales has achieved it eight times. “When I was in high school, a friend of mine bowled in a Friday […]

Muy Thai

Fighting fit with Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a great way to keep fit but Dr Amber Giles of Noosa District Animal Hospital in Queensland also loves the physical and mental discipline. “My brother is responsible for my involvement with Muay Thai. He used to […]

conducting an orchestra


With 50 people following his every move, Dr Mark Schembri, an Australian Turf Club vet at Randwick, NSW, says conducting is his passion and joy. “I’ve always loved music and studied clarinet and trumpet as a school student. I did […]

Latest in Gear

apple watch

Tools of the trade: Apple Watch Series 3

by Dr Emma Barrett, Coral Coast Veterinary Hospital, Carnarvon, WA Being an on-call vet with my own horses, children and a busy life, it’s not always comfortable to carry a phone with me. The new series Apple Watch has solved […]

Endogard treats and controls intestinal worms

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Virbac Australia. While many cats and dogs are treated with anthelmintics, a significant proportion of owners are not correctly following treatment guidelines. Of those treated with an Allwormer, research shows only […]

aspirator/resuscitator kit

Tools of the trade: One Puff Puppy/Kitten Aspirator/Resuscitator Kit

by Dr Justin Ward, Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery, Varsity Lakes, QLD This is a piece of equipment that’s primarily used to resuscitate puppies and kittens that are born by caesarian. What’s good about it It’s an effective, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, robust little kit […]

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