Vepalabs offer a large range of point-of-care equipment to suit the needs of every clinic

VepalabsVepalabs are committed to ensuring that we’re able to offer point-of-care testing options to suit the individual needs of each practice.

No matter what type of equipment you’re using, it is imperative that it’s practical, timely and economical to ensure the best care for your patients. That’s why we like to develop a practice-specific business case with you, to make sure we get it right.

In-house lab tests offer convenient and timely screening of patients both to help identify disease and to confirm a healthy status. It’s important to consider the following questions when upgrading your equipment:

Testing volumes

Just how many tests and what types are performed each day? Could there be a more cost-effective method?

This is important because some equipment is sold based on low running costs that really only apply when performing large volumes of testing. This applies particularly to haematology.

Many veterinary practices would not benefit from these economies of scale, and an alternative solution that seems more expensive per test can actually work out to be the least expensive option.

Ignore any claims of running costs until they are calculated on your testing volumes. Which would suit you best?

Flexibility of testing

How easy is it to run individual tests versus panels? Or can you run both? Some analysers, chemistry machines in particular, force you to run a whole panel of tests for each patient. This makes serial testing, or monitoring of a few parameters, very expensive, which can deter many users. These analysers are typically easier and quicker to run, as there isn’t the preparation involved in the consumables required to run each test—it’s simply a matter of “give me it all, every time”. One solution is a Vepalabs analyser that lets you do both.


What’s the “footprint” of the whole lab suite? What kind of environment and space is needed?

Clinics come in all shapes and sizes and as such it’s important that you have a solution to meet your benchtop requirements. Consider how your equipment will manage with the challenging factors of moisture, pet hair, electrical and other interferences.


How much time does it really take to run a test? Not just the analysers’ testing time, but also the set-up time. Do consumables need to be frozen or refrigerated and warmed up to room temperature before testing? How will your practice manage this? Can you afford to have a nurse spend an hour each day in our lab? Ask us about the most cost-effective and time-efficient solutions to suit your needs.

Ongoing maintenance

Will the analyser be out of action for long each week? Do probes—for example, in electrolyte analysers—need regular and costly replacement? What about an annual check-up—will the seller of your equipment provide this, even after the manufacturer’s warranty has run out?

Vepalabs offer a large range of point of care equipment to reduce testing time, provide stronger outcomes for patients and ultimately increase your clinic’s profitability.

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