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Radincon X-rayThe RAD-X DR VR CX1A

This mobile or static digital radiology system is designed to work with Canon’s new generation of high-sensitivity wireless DR detectors and supports panel sizes up to 35x43cm. We developed the CX1A with highly optimised image processing algorithms that capture the highest quality diagnostic images, even in the most difficult cases. We engineered the system with a full medical-grade DICOM monitor with auto calibration for true grayscale, an inbuilt commercial Wireless Access Point to provide excellent range for panel connection through walls, people and animals. We included Merge eFilm Workstation 4.1 Viewing Software to make this a complete package for quick and reliable diagnostic imaging.

The GE Logiq V2

This is the latest release in the GE Logiq series of ultrasound systems. It is an entry-level system but with advanced imaging capabilities. The microconvex transducer combined with advanced image processing produce high quality abdominal imaging. The series of linear transducers include capabilities for detailed tendon and small parts scanning while also being capable of equine reproductive work. The new Logiq V2 has a 15” LCD screen image, large for such a portable system. The advanced capabilities of colour Doppler, power and PW Doppler are standard features on the system. The Logiq V2 has exceptional image quality with technologies being migrated through the range from the Flagship Logiq systems. Designed to handle workload efficiently with automated features and interactive tools to help and support confident decisions.

The RAD-X Compact Vet Table 2

This new compact table is suitable for use with our full range of x-ray units. Our floating top table enables accurate, perfect positioning every time. The radiolucent table top offers movement in every horizontal direction. After positioning, release the foot-operated lock and the top locks noiselessly into position. There is no need to disturb the patient when the cassette is changed or a grid is used, as both are held in trays under the table top. As the x-ray unit is always automatically centred onto the cassette, beam alignment is assured. This table vastly improves the process of acquiring excellent images.

Radincon is a specialist imaging supplier to veterinary, chiropractic and medical markets in Australia and overseas. Our imaging solutions including digital X-ray systems, CR and DR, PACS workstations and servers, DICOM viewing software and review workstations. We have a range of quality x-ray hardware, full room systems, portables and mobiles; all radiographic supplies, consumables and accessories; ultrasound hardware and accessories. We offer full applications training and support. The product range covers all things x-ray and leading medical imaging technology to make us the choice in Australian imaging distributors. Service and maintenance are available from our network of field engineers across Australia and NZ. Imaging IT support is available by remote access. Contact us: 1300 721 734, or

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