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BackHomeLosing pets has long been a painful experience for owners, and microchipping is far and away the best solution for bringing furry friends home. But if a pet slips the leash between when it’s been chipped and the day its details finally reach the national database, a happy ending might not be on the cards. “With the traditional method of microchip registration, it can take days to weeks after the animal is microchipped before its details are on the system,” says Dr Michelle Murdoch.

As a technical product manager, it’s Dr Murdoch’s job to make sure everything runs smoothly for the vets who use Virbac’s products. And Virbac’s new BackHome product is out to make sure vets can help prevent these sad stories by getting pets’ details up to the national register ASAP.

“The online AAR registration that we have with our BackHome products is exclusive to us,” says Dr Murdoch. “It means that vet clinics can enter pets’ details onto the national registry at the same time as microchipping. Each day those details are uploaded, so if the pet goes missing the day after it’s microchipped, the owner’s details are available.”

While Virbac’s microchips have always been competitively priced, adding AAR online registration to their mini microchips* offers a significant benefit to pet owners and vets.

“We had a vet clinic say ‘changing our processes will be too hard. We’re not really interested,’” recounts Dr Murdoch. “Within a week they came back and asked, ‘How do we do it?’ They’d had a pet go missing between microchipping and the microchip being registered. The owners were fined for having a dog with an unregistered microchip. So they went back to the clinic and said, ‘but I thought I paid you for microchipping and registration.’”

Says Dr Murdoch: “Online registration is simple and quick to do and allows the vet clinic to provide a better service to their clients.”

* All individually wrapped, sterilised and carrying identifying barcodes.

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