• Dog days

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    Dr Greg Bryant, veterinarian and orchid-grower, kept a diary while working at greyhound tracks across NSW because he saw things that he found “hard to accept”.  What he recorded helped ban the industry.  By Alex Gilly On the evening of […]

  • Vet in a van

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    There’s a lot to like about running a mobile vet practice but there some unique challenges, too. Kerry Ramsey investigates. For veterinarians in country Australia, being mobile is simply a necessary part of the job. Now many vets in our […]

  • Fine point

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    More and more vet practices are offering acupuncture in response to the growing demand for complementary therapies. Angela Tufvesson reports. Devising effective treatment regimens for troublesome conditions and managing a fickle client base is tricky business for vets, but what […]

  • A practice of one’s own

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    Purchasing a practice is the dream of many vets but as John Burfitt writes, this is one business decision that can’t be rushed. Next to the great Australian dream of home ownership, many aspire to purchasing their own business and […]

  • The case of the pickled parrots

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    Animal scientists in the Top End are battling to understand what is behind a recent spike in the number of seemingly drunk birds in the local lorikeet population. Tracey Porter reports. If ever there was a time for the world’s […]

Latest in Veterinary News


Treating toxicity in farm dogs

Farm dogs are exposed to a large number of potential toxins often making it difficult for owners to know what to do if their animal has been poisoned. At the Australian Sheep Veterinarians Conference held in Dubbo earlier this month, […]

Photo: Mel Fox of What about Charlie photography.

App launched to fix dogged problems

The University of Sydney has developed a world-first app that will not only help owners boost their dogs’ happiness and health; it could also play a lifesaving role by teaching young dogs to behave better—thereby reducing their chance of premature […]


Meet a winner

Dr Julie Stafford, a veterinarian in Alaska, USA, has been named by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and Hill’s Pet Nutrition (Hill’s) as the 2016 ‘Next Generation’ Veterinary Award winner. Having shown leadership qualities and dedication to the […]


It’s show time

Don’t miss next month’s 2016 PIAA Pet Expo and NextGard Business Conference, the pet industry’s biggest trade event and Australia’s only pet trade event for pet and aquaria products and accessories. “Australians are spending more on their pets than ever […]

Latest in Your Business

depression vet suicide

The saddest taboo

At some point in their careers, most veterinary professionals will be impacted by mental ill-health. Is enough being done to protect those most at risk? Tracey Porter reports. If things had gone to plan, this story would start and end […]


Semi-retirement: How to have your cake and eat it

If you love being a vet but are sick of managing a business, semi-retirement may be for you. By Angela Tufvesson More Australians than ever are using part-time work as a way of easing into semi-retirement, and vets are no exception. […]


Time to go

“Knowing when to leave may be the smartest thing anyone can learn,” goes the old song. But how do you know when it’s time to pack up and move on? By John Burfitt Sometimes, all the signs are there, but it’s […]


Mall business

Shopping centres are at the heart of most suburbs but are they good places to position veterinary practices? Frank Leggett investigates. Convenience and exposure are the key words when it comes to a vet practice located in a shopping centre. […]

Latest in Your World


Richard Chapman: Canberra’s shipwreck kid

Torpedoes, flying boats and doodlebugs were all part of the childhood of Canberra-based veterinary legend and author Dr Richard Chapman. Chris Sheedy tells his fascinating story. AFTER THE SHIP taking him and his mother back to England from Australia during World […]


Caged in

Kate Balazs examines the welfare of farmed chickens both in and out of cages. Corporations are widely perceived to talk more about corporate responsibility than practise it. But when it comes to eggs, it seems like every company wants to […]


Ready, vet, go!

The VetSet2Go project aims to shift the focus from competency to success and improve the employability of new veterinary graduates, writes Shane Conroy The veterinary industry is a tough business. A recent study by the Australian Veterinary Association found that […]


All creatures, great and small

Drs James Carroll and Anthony Bennett took centre stage in both seasons of the TV hit Village Vets Australia. They tell John Burfitt about the ups and downs of being in the spotlight. There’s a story that Dr James Carroll […]

Latest in Passions


Animal art

Dr Christo Delport of Paralowie Veterinary Surgery in SA paints remarkable portraits of the animals of his native South Africa “I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil but I completed my first painting when I was eight years […]

growing avocados

Home grown

Whenever Dr Diane Bogaers of Geo Vet in Busselton, WA, needs fruit and vegies, she just steps outside into her edible garden. “About two-and-a-half years ago, we moved into a house on an acre of land at Busselton, three hours […]


Snow vet

Dr Aimee Watson of Cobram Veterinary Clinic, VIC, started skiing as a three-year-old. Now she’s training hard for the 2018 Winter Olympics. “Qualifying for the cross-country skiing event at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 was the culmination of years […]


Up the creek

Six in the morning is the perfect time to be rowing a boat, according to Dr Fiona Wallace of New Lambton Veterinary Clinic in Broadmeadow, NSW. “Recently I was given a single scull made from cedar and originally built in […]

Latest in Gear


Tools of the trade: Olympus CX-21 microscope

by Jane Sutherland VN, Frenchs Forest Veterinary Surgery, Petrie, QLD We’ve had this microscope for years and it’s used constantly in our practice. It’s completely manual with no camera or video attachments but is still a vital part of our […]


Tools of the trade: calming cap

by Dr Marika Ley, Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital, VIC Calming caps can be used on both dogs and cats to reduce their visual sense. It filters the visual stimulation which helps them to calm. It’s cheap and can be used […]


Ultrasound Solutions for your Small Animal Practice …

Purchasing an ultrasound system can be a large investment for a small animal practice. Dr Paul May, veterinarian and practice principal of the Northern Veterinary Group in Victoria, gives insight into the importance of ultrasound to his small animal hospitals […]

Medipaw two-piece protective suit for dogs and cats

DLC now has you covered with Medipaw

Medipaw are the latest wound management products to help dogs and  cats recover from surgeries, injuries, and other medical concerns. The waterproof/breathable Medipaw boot protects leg bandages, splints and casts. The Medipaw two-piece suit secures surgical incisions, and in the […]

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