• The flexible vet practice

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    Practices offering flexible workplace arrangements may have the edge when it comes to attracting and retaining hardworking and committed staff, reports Merran White While most vets are familiar with hard work, fewer these days are prepared to put up with […]

  • Relationships of trust

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    Good client communication is critical to the success of any practice. But what is the best way to engage with your customers? Tracey Porter investigates The Pet Wellness Centre in Burleigh Heads does it via Instagram; Animal Emergency Services prefers […]

  • Location, Location, Location

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    Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. So does it really matter where you buy a vet practice? By Heather Vaile The short answer is yes. However, a steady increase in the number of vet graduates […]

  • Dog star

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    A former Sydney resident who moved to the Top End as a graduate vet tells Angela Tufvesson about some of the successes as well as challenges associated with his work treating dogs in remote Aboriginal communities. Much has been written […]

  • Life less ordinary

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    He has hosted baby tigers in his house, darted baboons with a blowpipe and lived 30 years among the Bedouin in the oil-rich Middle East. But it is his work pushing the boundaries of the genetic and scientific study of […]

Latest in Veterinary News


Keeping beef cattle healthy this summer

Australian Cattle Veterinarians (ACV), a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association, say there are key measures beef producers can take to maintain their cattle in prime condition as temperatures climb in the months ahead. “When I first go […]

stocktributor / 123RF Stock Photo

APVMA relocation decision questioned

Last week’s announcement by the Deputy Prime Minister that the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority will relocate to Armidale as early as March 2017 is of concern, according to a statement published on the Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) website. […]


Homes for the pets of domestic violence victims

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) welcomes the Victorian government’s plan to help end family violence and is calling for the provision of pet-friendly accommodation for victims with pets. The government has pledged to establish a network of support and safety hubs across Victoria, […]


Bushfire alert for pets

As the weather hots up, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is warning of the serious impacts of bushfires on Australian wildlife and pets. “With so many Australians living in bushfire zones it’s vital that they’re prepared for an emergency, and […]

Latest in Your Business


“People People”

You hire staff who know animals, but do your people know people? What happens at the front of your practice, as well as in the treatment room, is vital to customer trust, animals’ wellbeing—and, ultimately, your bottom line, writes Merran […]


Country vets: thin on the ground

Australia is at risk of an oversupply of vets, yet rural areas continue to struggle to attract new graduates. Angela Tufvesson asks what can be done to ensure demand matches supply. When Debbie Osborne from the Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital […]


Go coach

Seeking the services of a career coach in running a veterinary practice has helped some vets dramatically turn around their failing fortunes, writes John Burfitt When it comes to explaining the value of coaching in the modern veterinary practice, training […]


Vet in a van

There’s a lot to like about running a mobile vet practice but there some unique challenges, too. Kerry Ramsey investigates. For veterinarians in country Australia, being mobile is simply a necessary part of the job. Now many vets in our […]

Latest in Your World


Compassion fatigue

When having high empathy and a passion for your work becomes a drawback. By Megan Crawford Despite what Gerald Durrell would have us believe, veterinary practice is no country idyll. In fact, a 2011 survey demonstrated that veterinarians suffer from […]


Dog days

Dr Greg Bryant, veterinarian and orchid-grower, kept a diary while working at greyhound tracks across NSW because he saw things that he found “hard to accept”.  What he recorded helped ban the industry.  By Alex Gilly On the evening of […]


The case of the pickled parrots

Animal scientists in the Top End are battling to understand what is behind a recent spike in the number of seemingly drunk birds in the local lorikeet population. Tracey Porter reports. If ever there was a time for the world’s […]


Richard Chapman: Canberra’s shipwreck kid

Torpedoes, flying boats and doodlebugs were all part of the childhood of Canberra-based veterinary legend and author Dr Richard Chapman. Chris Sheedy tells his fascinating story. AFTER THE SHIP taking him and his mother back to England from Australia during World […]

Latest in Passions


My place

When Pat Macwhirter of Bird Vet Melbourne bought an 1868 house in Western Port Bay, Victoria, she fell in love with its rich history “In the late ’80s, I had a bird and small-animal practice in Burwood in the eastern […]


String theory

The rich, warm tones of the cello come to life in the hands of Dr Peter Rees of Cannon & Ball Veterinary Surgeons in Wollongong, NSW. “A few years ago, I played cello with the Australian Youth Orchestra for a […]


Animal art

Dr Christo Delport of Paralowie Veterinary Surgery in SA paints remarkable portraits of the animals of his native South Africa “I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil but I completed my first painting when I was eight years […]

growing avocados

Home grown

Whenever Dr Diane Bogaers of Geo Vet in Busselton, WA, needs fruit and vegies, she just steps outside into her edible garden. “About two-and-a-half years ago, we moved into a house on an acre of land at Busselton, three hours […]

Latest in Gear


Tools of the trade: Cherokee scrubs

by Emma Moss VN, Weston Creek Veterinary Hospital, Warramanga, ACT All of our nursing staff wear Cherokee scrubs when we’re going into surgery. They’re comfortable and quite hard-wearing. What’s good about it Cherokee has a number of different designs for […]


Tools of the trade: Ossability TTA wedge system

by Dr Ron McKay, Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery, Pialba, QLD This system is used for anterior cruciate rupture repair. It’s a very good system that was developed by an engineer and an orthopaedic surgeon in New Zealand. What’s good about […]


Partner with Popantel F® this summer

Your clinic plays an important role in providing expert advice and designing a suitable parasite control program for your clients, their pets and their families. An effective, broad-spectrum intestinal wormer is an integral component of any such program. From the […]

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