• Semi-retirement: How to have your cake and eat it

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    If you love being a vet but are sick of managing a business, semi-retirement may be for you. By Angela Tufvesson More Australians than ever are using part-time work as a way of easing into semi-retirement, and vets are no exception. […]

  • Richard Chapman: Canberra’s shipwreck kid

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    Torpedoes, flying boats and doodlebugs were all part of the childhood of Canberra-based veterinary legend and author Dr Richard Chapman. Chris Sheedy tells his fascinating story. AFTER THE SHIP taking him and his mother back to England from Australia during World […]

  • Tools of the trade: Castroviejo needle holder with catch

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    by Dr Leana Watermeyer, Litchfield Vet Hospital, Coolalinga, NT This is a small needle holder designed for eye and other delicate surgery. I most commonly use it when suturing eyelids and it makes the whole process much easier. What’s good […]

  • Ten tips for marketing your practice on social media

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    If social media marketing hasn’t boosted your practice’s profile, it’s time to re-think and revitalise your online presence, reports Kerryn Ramsey. If you’ve spent valuable time getting your social networking up and running but it isn’t working, it’s time to […]

  • Your Life: snow vet

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    Dr Aimee Watson of Cobram Veterinary Clinic, VIC, started skiing as a three-year-old. Now she’s training hard for the 2018 Winter Olympics. “Qualifying for the cross-country skiing event at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 was the culmination of years […]

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No more kidding around with welfare

Goat owners and producers now have additional support to ensure the welfare of their animals and, in turn, help maintain market access and improve productivity, with the release of an important national welfare document. Funded by the Goat Industry Council […]

Copyright: photootohp / 123RF Stock Photo

The science is in: battery cages are out!

The poor welfare of battery caged hens is caused by the cages themselves, and Australia is falling behind the developed world in failing to end their use. These are among the findings of a comprehensive scientific report compiled by RSPCA […]

Dr Stephen Anderson

Hormones drive animals to extremes

A senior lecturer from the University of Queensland has lent his expertise to a television documentary about the impact of hormones on animal behaviour. Dr Stephen Anderson from UQ’s School of Biomedical Sciences, an animal endocrinology expert, was the scientific […]

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Time to go

“Knowing when to leave may be the smartest thing anyone can learn,” goes the old song. But how do you know when it’s time to pack up and move on? By John Burfitt Sometimes, all the signs are there, but it’s […]


Mall business

Shopping centres are at the heart of most suburbs but are they good places to position veterinary practices? Frank Leggett investigates. Convenience and exposure are the key words when it comes to a vet practice located in a shopping centre. […]

vet customer service

What customers want

Spend too long buried within your business and you’ll likely lose touch with what is important to your customers. Chris Sheedy spoke with a marketing expert to find out how to get into your clients’ heads, and what to do when […]


Naming rights

The name of your practice has an enormous impact on branding and online marketing. So should you choose a catchy moniker or something a little more sensible? By Angela Tufvesson. Deciding on a name for your new or rebranded veterinary […]

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Caged in

Kate Balazs examines the welfare of farmed chickens both in and out of cages. Corporations are widely perceived to talk more about corporate responsibility than practise it. But when it comes to eggs, it seems like every company wants to […]


Ready, vet, go!

The VetSet2Go project aims to shift the focus from competency to success and improve the employability of new veterinary graduates, writes Shane Conroy The veterinary industry is a tough business. A recent study by the Australian Veterinary Association found that […]


All creatures, great and small

Drs James Carroll and Anthony Bennett took centre stage in both seasons of the TV hit Village Vets Australia. They tell John Burfitt about the ups and downs of being in the spotlight. There’s a story that Dr James Carroll […]


The devil’s work

A veterinarian and a geneticist have joined forces to solve the puzzle of transmissible cancers in Tasmanian devils. Frank Leggett investigates. It’s estimated that 90 per cent of the Tasmanian devil population has been wiped out by devil facial tumour […]

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growing avocados

Home grown

Whenever Dr Diane Bogaers of Geo Vet in Busselton, WA, needs fruit and vegies, she just steps outside into her edible garden. “About two-and-a-half years ago, we moved into a house on an acre of land at Busselton, three hours […]


Up the creek

Six in the morning is the perfect time to be rowing a boat, according to Dr Fiona Wallace of New Lambton Veterinary Clinic in Broadmeadow, NSW. “Recently I was given a single scull made from cedar and originally built in […]


Piece of cake

When the Sydney Royal Easter Show approaches, Dr Mark Schembri is baking up a storm in his kitchen. “In 2002, myself and four other veterinary graduates signed up for the cake-baking competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. In all […]


Straight shooter

To be a champion rifle shooter, Dr Erica Young of Jimboomba Veterinary Surgery in Queensland utilises focus, patience and psychology. “When I’m competing, my particular discipline requires me to shoot in the prone position. I lie on my stomach and […]

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Naomi Digital Imaging System

by Sarah Lawler VN, Blue Lake Veterinary Clinic, Mount Gambier, SA We’ve had this digital X-ray system for about six years. It was an upgrade from an old manual system with chemicals. What’s good about it The Naomi is very beneficial […]


Introducing NEXT Equine DR™

The First Stand Up Portable DR  NEXT Equine DR has evolved the imaging experience. The industry first monitor elevation system enables and enhances image review and communication with clients while standing. Reviewing images on a large screen with gesture controls […]

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